Business Tax

Business Tax Application

The Clerk issues Lady Lake business tax receipts in accordance with Chapter 205 of the Florida State Statutes and Town of Lady Lake Ordinance 95-08.

Commercial and residential businesses located within the Town limits must have a Lady Lake business tax receipt (formerly known as an occupational license) before opening. Operating a business in the Town without a Lady Lake business tax receipt will result in a penalty, surcharge, and applicable delinquent charges. Applicants must wait before engaging in any type of business until after the Town Clerk has issued a Business Tax Receipt.

The business tax year is from October 1 through September 30. The Town will prorate tax fees after April 1 for a half-year fee.

Applicants 65 or older are exempt from fees. However, they must still complete this application and renew the license each year.

The following items should be considered before applying for a Local Business Tax Receipt:

  1. It takes approximately 2 to 3 business days to process a Lady Lake business tax receipt.
  2. Businesses must obtain a  Lake County business tax receipt before the Town will issue a Lady Lake business tax receipt.
  3. Businesses that require a State License or Health Department approval will have to provide copies of those approvals before the issuance of a Lady Lake tax receipt.
  4. When applicable, a federal identification number must be provided. Please do not provide a social security number.
  5. The applicant must provide a valid form of identification, such as a Driver’s License.
  6. Applicants should direct questions regarding zoning and whether your type of business would be allowed in a particular location to the Building Department.
  7. If you plan to place a sign on the property or modify an existing sign, you must obtain a sign permit from the Building Department.


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