The terms for Town Commissioner are for two years. They are staggered with Wards 1, 3, and 5 up for election in odd years and Wards 2 and 4 in even years.

Election Qualifying

Candidates must live within the town limits of Lady Lake and be registered to vote with the Lake County Supervisor of Elections. They must also file the required documents with the Town Clerk during the qualifying period.

Register to Vote

Voter registration forms are available at the Clerk’s office at Town Hall and the Supervisor of Elections office in Tavares. Registration is also possible online.

Qualifying Documents

  1. Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer and Designation of a Campaign Depository (Form DS-DE9)
  2. Statement of Candidate (Form DS-DE84) that you have received, read and understand the requirements of Chapter 106 of the Florida Statutes.
  3. Loyalty Oath for Candidates for Public Office (DS-DE 24B)
  4. A petition containing the signatures of at least 25 registered voters residing in the Town of Lady Lake. The petition must be filed with sufficient time to allow it to be certified by the Supervisor of Elections office before the end of the qualifying period.
  5. Financial Disclosure Form (CE Form 1) (F.S. 99.061 (4) and 112.3145)

Qualifying Officer

The Town Clerk, Nancy Wilson may be reached at 352-751-1501, by [email protected] or at the following address:

Town of Lady Lake
Town Clerk’s Office
409 Fennell Blvd.
Lady Lake, FL 32159

If voting on Election Day registered voters must cast their ballot at their designated precinct.

Voting Precincts

Precincts 65 and 72

Paradise Recreation Hall
1403 Paradise Dr., Lady Lake, FL 32159

Precincts 73 and 96

La Hacienda Julio Iglesias Room
1200 Avenida Central, Lady Lake, FL. 32159

Precinct 85

Water Oak Main Clubhouse
106 Evergreen Ln., Lady Lake, FL. 32159

Precinct 11

Lady Lake Community Building
237 Guava St., Lady Lake, FL. 32159

Precinct 49

Lady Lake United Methodist Church
109 W. McClendon St., Lady Lake, FL. 32159

Precinct 94

Harbor Hills Country Club
6538 Lake Griffin Rd., Lady Lake, FL. 32159


Town Clerk
409 Fennell Blvd.
Lady Lake, FL. 32159

[email protected]


Monday - Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Voting Precinct Map