Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Under Florida law [FS 119.01(2)], public agencies must provide reasonable public access to records at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions, and under supervision by the custodian of the public records. They must ensure that exempt or confidential records are not disclosed except as otherwise permitted by law.

Under Florida Statutes Chapter 119, municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person. Providing access to public records is a duty of each agency. The Town Clerk is the Records Management Liaison Officer for the Town of Lady Lake, and the Clerk's Office is the central point of contact for public records requests. The Clerk shall coordinate public records requests to assure that the information is collected and provided to the requester promptly.

Requests are not required to be in writing, nor is the requestor required to provide their name or an explanation as to why they are making the request. For those who wish to make a request, please mail, call or visit the Town Clerk’s office.

The request must be clear enough to enable the Town to conduct a meaningful search. The Town may ask questions about the request to enable a full and prompt response.

The Town may apply a service charge if extensive use of technology resources, clerical or supervisory assistance is required. In this case, the Town will provide the requester with a written estimate of charges. The Clerk will require a deposit before compiling such requests. The Clerk’s office will acknowledge receipt of a request within one business day.


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