Commercial Fire Permits

Commercial Fire Permits


A permit is required prior to starting construction upon any property. To ensure the timeliest processing of your permit application, please review the following checklists and information.

Projects Requiring Fire Permits

The following projects will require separate fire permits:

  1. Fire alarm.

a) If the system is valued over $5,000, plans are required to be stamped and sealed by an engineer. Include cut sheets of all material and equipment used, and battery calculations.

b) Replacing a fire alarm control panel (unless identical to existing). Requires plans and permit.

2. Fire sprinkler.

a) If 50 or more sprinkler heads will be added, the plans shall be stamped and sealed by an engineer. Include cut sheets of all material and equipment used, and hydraulic calculations.

b) If modifying an existing system, a letter will be required from the contractor or engineer stating the addition of heads does not require or change the initially approved hydraulic calculations.

3. Kitchen hood suppression.

a) If no fire alarm system is present, the system will be required to have an audible or visual device such as a bell, horn, strobe, or similar.

4. Commercial grease kitchen hoods.

5. Underground fire protection.

6. Gas installation (propane or natural).

7. Fuel tank installation.

8. Standpipes.

9. Other fire extinguishing systems (paint booth, clean air, etc.).

10. Fire pump.

11. Water supply tank.

12. Fireworks display.

13. Retail sale of sparklers.

a) Provide list of all sparklers being sold.

14. Fireworks retail tents (if applicable).

a) Provide list of all product sold.

b) Provide layout of all products sold under tent.

c) Fire extinguisher, exit and emergency lighting required.

d) Meet generator requirements (if applicable).

e) Meet separation requirements.

f) Meet tent requirements.

15. Tent (only if over 900 sq. ft.).

16. Controlled burn (air curtain may be required).

Submittal Requirements

Though submittal requirements may change based on the scope of work, the following list will assist in your permit being issued in the most time effective manner:

  1. Completed, signed and notarized Building Permit Application.
  2. Appropriate plan review fee (Please see fee schedule for current fees).
  3. Floor Plan (3 sets).
  4. Detailed construction plans signed and sealed (wet or raised seal only) by an engineer or architect using the most current building codes, unless otherwise required by code (3 sets).
  5. Contractors and subcontractors must supply the following:

a) Copy of their current State License (and Lake County Competency Card if registered)

b) Business Tax Receipt (if applicable).

c) Certificate of Certificate of Insurance of General Liability (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).

d) Workers Compensation or Exemption certificate (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).

All insurance certificates must be submitted by the insurance company directly to The Town of Lady Lake via fax.


Once a complete permit package has been submitted, the plans will be routed to the appropriate plans reviewer. Please note, the review process may take up to 14 calendar days. At the completion of the initial review, the plans may be approved or additional information may be required. If additional information is required, the applicant will be contacted regarding what will need to be done next.

Once the plans have been approved, the permit will then be processed in the order in which they are received. At this time, all fees will be calculated and all pertinent information will be entered. Additional information may be requested at this time.


No inspections will be performed without a certified copy of the Notice of Commencement at the job site and a copy received by the Building Department.  All fire inspections will require at least two business days’ notice prior to the desired inspection date and shall be called in to the inspection line at 352-751-1515.

If an inspection should fail, re-inspection fees will be assessed at $50 each. Once the fee is paid the contractor can reschedule the inspection for the following day. We will not perform a same day inspection.  All re-inspection fees must be paid before any subsequent inspections.


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