Commercial Sign Permits

Commercial Sign Permits


A sign permit is required prior to putting up a sign, changing the face of a sign, or the location of the sign. The following conditions apply to sign permits:

Submittal Requirements

  1. Completed, signed and notarized Sign Permit Application.
  2. Site Plan showing location of sign, distance to nearest monument sign and visibility triangle, if applicable.
  3. Plan showing elevation of building and linear footage of building and sign location, if applicable.
  4. Detailed construction plans signed and sealed (wet or raised seal only) by an engineer or architect using the most current building codes (3 sets) or shop drawings show the content, colors and dimensions.
  5. Written consent from property owner to modify or add sign.
  6. Recorded Notice of Commencement (if job value is over $2,500).
  7. Contractors and subcontractors must supply the following:

a) Copy of their current State License (and Lake County Competency Card if registered).

b) Business Tax Receipt (if applicable).

c) Certificate of Certificate of Insurance of General Liability (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).

d) Workers Compensation or Exemption certificate (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).

All insurance certificates must be submitted by the insurance company directly to The Town of Lady Lake via fax at 352-751-1514.


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