Code Amendment

Code Amendment


Application to amend the land development code may be initiated by any person, board or agency. The requirements of this section are in addition to the requirements of applicable state law.

Consideration Criteria

  1. Consistency with the comprehensive plan.
  2. Consistency with applicable sections of the Code.

Application for a Text Amendment to the Land Development shall be made on the appropriate form provided by the Town and shall be accompanied by the appropriate review fee.

Review Process

Procedure for public hearing. The following procedures are in addition to, or where in conflict superseded by, those required by state law.

  1. Planning and Zoning Board action. The Planning and Zoning Board shall consider every proposed amendment as a general item on the agenda and make recommendations to the Town Commission.
  2. Town Commission action. The Town Commission shall consider recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Board before taking action on proposed amendments. However, if the Planning and Zoning Board fails to make a recommendation within 30 days of the amendment's first consideration by that body, then the Town Commission may take action based upon an assumed recommendation of approval from the Board.

The applicant shall provide a written statement which explains the conditions and circumstances of why the amendment should be considered and why adoption of the proposed language is consistent with the spirit of the code.  The written statement shall clearly justify that adoption of the amendment will not compromise the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.  Please address any alleged error that would be corrected or public purpose that the amendment would serve and why the proposed modification is applicable Town-wide in lieu of addressing a singular parcel or incident.

Notification of Public Hearing. Notification and advertising for ordinances making textual changes to the Code shall be as normally required for ordinances under the Town Charter and Code, and state law.

The above requirements are intended to provide a general overview of the Text Amendment application process.  Text Amendment requirements are specified in the Town of Lady Lake Land Development Regulations, Chapter 3, Section 5.

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