Large-Scale FLU Amendment

Large-Scale FLU Amendment


Eight copies of each:

  1. The complete legal description of the property and portion thereof that the amendment is being requested for, typed on a separate sheet of paper.
  2. Certified survey of the subject property or a County Property Appraiser's map illustrating the exact parcel may be accepted in lieu of a survey.
  3. Vicinity map depicting the subject property and major roadways.
  4. For property within flood prone areas, include Flood Insurance Rate Map, Flood I-hazard Boundary Map or other information for determining suitability for development.
  5. Attach justification statement and appropriate data and analysis to support the requested change including, but not limited to, adjacent land use compatibility; availability of sanitary sewer and potable water; why the amendment is consistent with and furthers various objectives and/or policies of the Comprehensive Plan; existing traffic or environmental studies; and any other information which supports this request.
  6. Attach a listing of property owners within 150 feet of the subject property. The list may be obtained from the Lake County Property Appraisers Office or you may get the information from the Lake County GIS website at

Additional Application Information

  1. Applicants are requested to seek a pre-application conference with the Growth Management staff to discuss the content and format of the amendment proposal. Acceptance of an application for amendment to the CP should not be construed as staff support of the amendment request. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department to schedule an appointment.
  2. Applications for a comprehensive plan amendment which were previously not transmitted or adopted by the Town of Lady Lake Town Commission cannot be reconsidered for a period of one year of that action.
  3. Comprehensive Plan Amendment does not guarantee or entitle the applicant or owner to a development permit.
  4. The current owner of the subject property must sign the application. Agents must submit the attached Agent Authorization Form.
  5. Upon review of the submitted application, the Growth Management Department may find an application incomplete and request that the applicant resubmit the application with clarification or additional information. Resubmitted applications or additional information are due within 15 working days or notice from the Growth Management Department.
  6. Application fees shall be refunded only if an application is withdrawn upon request of either the property owner or agent prior to the first public notice of hearing.
  7. The Following shall be exempted from the payment of the amendment fee: Lake County, the Lake County School Board, the State of Florida, the United States of America, municipalities situated wholly within the boundaries of the County and established transportation authorities. Others may request a fee waiver from the Lady Lake Commission through a request to the Growth Management Director.
  8. The applicant and those he or she represents in this amendment are hereby put on notice that approval of this application by the Lady Lake Commission, which is then challenged by an affected party, is not "effective" until a final order determining the adopted amendment to be in compliance is issued by the Department of Economic Opportunity or the Administration Commission. Therefore, the applicant and those represented by the applicant are hereby put on notice that there shall be no reliance on, and, the Town shall not be responsible for any reliance on an approval of this application until it is "effective", pursuant to law. Amendments which are not challenged are effective 31 days after adoption. The Town does not issue any development orders (e.g., rezoning).
  9. Applicants are required to place a notice of public hearing poster on property involved in this amendment request prior to the public hearings.
  10. Dependent upon the type of amendment request, the applicant may be required to participate in a neighborhood meeting(s) in order to provide additional information and notice to surrounding residents about the proposed development.


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