Banner Permits

Banner Permits

Banner Permit Regulations

Land Development Regulations 17 - Banners (Promotional)

Banners used to attract attention to commercial establishments, shall allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Banners shall not exceed 32 square feet in size and shall be exempt from the maximum allowable square footage for on-premises signs.
  2. Number. No more than one banner shall be permitted on an individual site at one time, and no more than three signs per multi-tenant center (commercial) may be displayed at one time. However, if a single use development has two frontages, then the business would be allowed to place two banners as long as the total banner size does not exceed the maximum size allowed.
  3. Permit Required. No banner shall be placed on a site without the issuance for a permit from the TOWN OF LADY LAKE. No more than three permits may be issued for each site per calendar year.
  4. Duration. A single banner may be placed on a site up to three times per calendar year for a total of 45 days. Each permit issued shall be for a maximum of 15 consecutive days. Failure to remove a banner within the prescribed time frame shall result in a violation of this provision. No new banner permits shall be issued during the calendar year in which such a violation occurs, unless banner permit privileges are re-instated pursuant to the variance process set forth in the Land Development Regulations.
  5. Maintenance. Banners shall be maintained in good repair. Frayed edges, faded lettering, holes, and similar signs of deterioration shall be considered a violation of this provision.
  6. General Requirements for All Signs and Location Restrictions. Banners shall comply with general requirements for all signs set forth in Chapter 17, Section 3 of Town of Lady Lake’s Land Development Regulations. In addition, banners shall not be attached to trees, chain link fences or utility poles, and not part of the banner shall be located within five feet of the right of way.


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