Grand Opening Sign Permits

Grand Opening Sign Permits

Grand Opening Regulations

  1. All commercial, industrial, public and quasi-public uses and mixed-use developments (commercial combined with multi-family residential) will be allowed to display a grand opening event with a valid permit.
  2. Signage for a grand opening event will be permitted for a period not to exceed 30 days and will only be issued to a new business or existing business relocating to an entirely new location.
  3. The display must occur within the first 60 days following Certificate of Occupancy issuance or three months of a new business relocation. Changes in ownership of an existing business shall not be entitled to apply for a Grand Opening Sign application.
  4. Grand Opening signage shall not be located in the right-of-way of any public street or within five feet of any property line and each single sign shall not exceed 32 square feet.
  5. Signage shall not obscure building address numbers, be displayed on a roof top, extend vertically above the fascia of a building, or encroach into fire lanes. Moreover, Town shall not be liable for temporary sign options that are not securely placed.
  6. Allowable signs per each Grand Opening event may include a combination of and not to exceed a maximum of three sign options.
  1. Banner – A banner attached to a building where the banner lies flat against the building surface at all times.

2. Pennants and Streamers – An individual object or series of small objects made of lightweight plastic, fabric or other material, which may or may not contain text, which is suspended from or twined around a rope, wire or string.

a) Streamers: hung on wall

b) Pennants: strung together in front of façade

3. Balloon(s) – A spherical, flexible, non-porous bag inflated with air or gas lighter than air, such as helium, and intended to float in the air.

4. Rigid Portable Sign – A sign which is not permanently affixed and designed for or capable of movement. A rigid portable sign is not considered to be a portable reader-board or “trailer sign”.

5. Feather Flag – A tall, upright sign which is temporarily placed in the ground using a stake. The flag is rigid on one vertical side, giving the sign a feather-like appearance.


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