Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits


A special event permit will be required for any open air gatherings and temporary sales operations open to the public which will be located on private property within the Town limits. Such application will need to be made at least three weeks in advance to allow for adequate review and processing time prior to the event date.


Special events must adhere to Lady Lake Land Development Regulations, Town Ordinances, and all County, State and Federal Laws. Please see Lady Lake Land Development Regulations Chapter 9 Section 9 for more information.

Submittal Requirements

1. Completed, signed and notarized Building Permit Application

2. Site Plan showing the following:

a. The dimensions and locations of all permanent and proposed temporary structures to be located on the property. Should any temporary structures, such as tents, be required for the event, the applicants will be responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits and meeting all requirements of applicable building codes.

b. That adequate improved ingress and egress exists on site so as not to impede normal traffic flow on adjacent roadways.

c. The capacity and location of restroom facilities (either permanent or temporary) sufficient to meet the anticipated demand at the event.

3. Written permission from property owner allowing event to take place, if applicable

4. Town of Lady Lake Business Tax Receipt. (Please contact the Town of Lady Lake Clerk’s Office at 352-751-1501 for information on Business Tax Receipt Requirements.)

5. Additional required documents

a. All pyrotechnical items sold must be consistent with State laws regulating some and all persons selling pyrotechnical merchandise must be licensed by the State Fire Marshal.

b. The location and sales of proposed sale of pyrotechnical merchandise must be approved by the County Fire Marshal.

c. Electrical hook-up or fixtures shall meet the Town’s adopted National Electrical Code.

d. Any required state or federal licenses


When a special event application has been received, the application and plans will be routed to various departments for review depending on the nature and location of the event. These departments may include, but not limited to, the building department, planning and zoning department, police department, Lady Lake fire plan reviewer and Village Public Safety. Once the application has been reviewed and approved by the required departments, the applicant will be notified of the approval.

Criteria for Review

  1. The suitability of the event site to host the open air gathering or temporary sales operation.
  2. The potential adverse or negative effect granting the event could have on surrounding properties or businesses; including, but not limited to noise, vibration, air pollution, glare, odor and reduction in parking.
  3. Whether the open air gathering or temporary sales operation is being held primarily for private financial gain or for charitable purposes.
  4. Disturbances, complaints or problems associated with the open air gathering or temporary sales operation of a similar character or nature as the proposed event, or disturbances, complaints or problems associated with the event(s) organized by the event organizer in the past.
  5. Whether the open air gathering or temporary sales operation will require additional staffing of public safety and police department personnel by the Town.
  6. Any other criteria or fact considered relevant by the Growth Management Director.


The fire authority having jurisdiction over Lady Lake will conduct a life safety inspection prior to the event start. Please contact the Town of Lady Lake Building Department a minimum of three days prior to the event to request the inspection.


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