Tent Permits

Tent Permits


A permit is required for any temporary tent 900 square feet and larger. Applications must be submitted three weeks prior to the event to ensure adequate time for the permit to be issued and the inspection to be performed prior to the event start.

Submittal Requirements

  1. Completed, signed and notarized Building Permit Application.
  2. Written consent from property owner.
  3. A detailed site plan showing the locations of the proposed tent(s) and a floor plan of activity under tent. This site plan will also need to include parking, egress, ingress, sidewalks, handicap parking locations, etc.
  4. Fire resistance certificate or inspection by an approved party. (Per NFPA 101-

Town Land Development Regulations for Tents

Sec. 5-26. - Tents.

  1. The use of tents by adults for camping on private property shall not exceed a period of three days. Camping in a tent other than on private property is prohibited; use of tents for housekeeping purposes is prohibited. The use of tents by organizations on vacant property shall be with a time limit not to exceed 15 days, subject to issuance of a permit from the town manager or his designee. The permit may be renewed for an additional fifteen days upon application and approval by the town manager or his designee for an additional fee.
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, a tent may be used as a temporary accessory structure to any existing structure located in a nonresidential zoning district. Any such use shall be limited to 90 days in a calendar year and shall be conditioned upon the issuance of a permit and the payment of a permit. The tent must meet all setback requirements of the particular zoning district and comply with all applicable building codes.
  3. All tents erected pursuant to this section shall be maintained in a good and clean condition.
  4. No permit will be issued for the use of tents unless the town manager or his designee finds that all building code and other applicable ordinances and regulations are complied with by the applicant. At any time that such compliance is not maintained, the permit is subject to suspension or revocation by the town manager or his designee.

(Ord. No. 93-15, 12-20-93; Ord. No. 2005-26, § 5, 4-21-05)

Fire Regulations for Tents

  1. The ground enclosed in the tent and within ten feet of tent must be clear of vegetation and combustible materials. Exception: Areas necessary for support equipment. (Per NFPA 101-
  2. Any adjacent tents are required to be spaced a minimum of 10 (ten) feet between stake lines to provide an area for means of egress. (Per NFPA
  3. Smoking is not allowed in tents and "NO SMOKING" signs must be posted. (Per NFPA 101-
  4. Fire extinguishers are required. Contact a licensed fire extinguisher dealer for mounting and placement. (Per NFPA 101-11.11.5).

NO COOKING of any kind is permitted under any tent.


No inspections will be performed without a certified copy of the Notice of Commencement at the job site and a copy received by the Building Department.  Inspections (with the exception of fire inspections) are to be called in before 4:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the day inspection is needed 352-751-1515. Inspections are conducted Monday - Friday with the exception of any national holidays.


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