Tree Removal Permits

Tree Removal Permits

Tree Removal Permit Requirements

A permit is required prior to starting construction upon any property. To ensure the timeliest processing of your permit application, please review the following checklists and information.

Sumbittal Requirements

  1. Completed and signed Tree Removal Application.
  2. Site Plan showing the location of the tree to be removed and all remaining trees on the property.
  3. Arborist Report, if applicable.
  4. Approval from rental park (if property is located in a park in which the lots are rented).
  5. Contractors and must supply the following:
  6. Business Tax Receipt (if applicable).
  7. Certificate of Certificate of Insurance of General Liability (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).
  8. Workers Compensation or Exemption certificate (with the Town of Lady Lake as the certificate holder).
  9. All insurance certificates must be submitted by the insurance company directly to The Town of Lady Lake via fax at 352-751-1514.


Once the complete application package has been submitted, the application will be given to our Code Enforcement Department. The officer will conduct a site visit to measure and take pictures of the tree to be removed as well as assess if any replacement trees will be required.  When the initial inspection has been completed by Code Enforcement, the permit application will be placed in line for processing in the order in while it was received. Upon completion of the permit by Town Staff, the applicant will be notified when the permit is ready or if any additional information will be needed.


Once the tree has been removed, the applicant will contact our inspection line at 352-751-1515 to request a final inspection. Our Code Enforcement Officer will verify that the tree has been removed, the stump has been ground (at or below grade) and any required replacement tree have been planted. If all requirements have been met, the permit will be closed.


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