Final Plat

Final Plat


The approved final plat is the official record of the subdivision to be filed with the Town Manager or designee. It is verification that the subdivided land has been developed substantially in accordance with the development order or that a bond has been posted which will secure the development as specified in the final plat. The final plat must be approved by the Town Commission and recorded in the Public Records of Lake County prior to the developer selling any lot or parcel. No final plat application shall be submitted for approval prior to the issuance of a development order.

Submittal Requirements

  1. A completed final plat application furnished by the Town Manager or designee’s office.
  2. The appropriate filing fee.
  3. A reservation of capacity for the area to be platted per the Concurrency Management chapter.
  4. Ten copies of the final plat drawing (a maximum of 30” x 42”) and one 11” x 17” copy showing the required information and certifications.
  5. A copy of the responsible party’s documents which accept the responsibility for maintenance of all private streets, rights-of-way, easements, recreation areas, storm water management facilities or other improvements.
  6. A copy of the final protective covenants and deed restrictions, where such covenants and restrictions are required or established by the applicant.
  7. All applicable informational requirements of this Code.
  8. When submitted in conjunction with a construction contract or bond, a certified cost estimate (EXHIBIT) shall be prepared by the developer’s engineer as specified in the Developmental Procedures and Regulations chapter, or the actual contract price(s) may be substituted for the engineer’s cost estimate if available.

Final Plat Plan Requirements

  1. Prepared in accordance with Florida Statutes Chapter 177 by a land surveyor registered and licensed in the State of Florida;
  2. On sheets a maximum of 30” x 42” with a three-quarter inch margin on three sides and a three-inch margin on the left side for binding;
  3. To a scale no smaller than one inch represents 100 feet;
  4. Clearly drawn or printed with permanent black drawing ink.

Review Process

The final plat application shall be reviewed by the TRC members and recommendations shall be made to the Planning and Zoning Board.  Upon completion of review by the Planning and Zoning Board the Final Plat shall be forwarded to the Town Commission for review and consideration of approval. The Town Attorney must review mylar paper plans prior to scheduling the final plat for the Town Commission agenda. The Town Commission shall determine whether the final plat is in substantial conformity with the development order and meets all the requirements of the laws, rules and regulations of the Town of Lady Lake and after consideration shall approve, postpone for future consideration, approve subject to specified conditions or disapprove for stated reasons. The property owner or the owner’s agent must be present at all meetings.

The above requirements are intended to provide only a general overview of the final plat process. Final Plat requirements are specified in Lady Lake Ordinance 94-08 Land Development Regulations, adopted August 15, 1994, and are available at Town Hall.

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