Site Plan Modification

Site Plan Modification


When the proposed modifications represent a major or fundamental change in the overall impact and intent of the original development order, the resubmittal shall follow the same approval process as required for the original submittal.

Major Modifications

Major modifications shall include one or more of the following:

  1. A 10% or more change in the project acreage or square footage, number or mix of units or improvements onsite.
  2. Any proposed major change to the water or sewer systems.
  3. Any proposed major change to the drainage system and/or any change which requires a Permit Modification per SJRWMD.

Minor Modifications

Minor Modifications to development orders may be approved by the Town Manager, when such modifications are consistent with the requirements of the Code and do not have a substantial impact on the overall intent of the development order or Memorandum of Agreement (in the case of a PUD, PFD, or CP) such as:

  1. Dimensional changes to accommodate field conditions, including connecting to existing facilities and the preservation of existing vegetation.
  2. Changes of landscape or construction materials that are deemed to be similar or equivalent to those approved.
  3. Technical changes to construction details.

The above requirements are intended to provide a general overview of the site planning process. Site planning requirements for parking, landscaping, and the other technical components are specified in Lady Lake Ordinance 94-08, Land Development Regulations, adopted August 15, 1994 and are available at Town Hall for your information.

For further information, please contact the Growth Management Department.


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