Site Plan

Site Plan


The development of a parcel of land for any residential (other than single-family and duplex) or any commercial use requires that a site plan be submitted for review.

Required Criteria

  1. Development of seven or more dwellings units is proposed
  2. Development of 2,000 or more square feet of non-residential floor space is proposed
  3. The addition of more than 40% new impervious area to that which is already existing on the site is proposed
  4. The plan meets the requirement for Conceptual Plan submittal for rezoning to either PFD, PUD or CP district
  5. The plan is part of a larger development proposal or poses special development issues that, in the opinion of the Town Manager, require the additional review of a major development
  6. There have been two or more minor site plan applications or administrative actions for a single project area /site over any one-year period and the Town Manager chooses to require that a subsequent request be reviewed pursuant to the criteria of a major development.
  7. A development plan shall be designated as a minor development if it fails to meet the criteria for a major development.
  8. Single-family and duplex dwelling units or minor appurtenances thereto, such as residential swimming pools, fences, yard, etc. are exempt from site plan review. Chapter 7, Section 3, a, b, c, pp. 7-1 and 7-2.

Submittal Process

  1. Pre-Application Conference – The applicant should request a meeting with Growth Management staff in order to discuss potential issues regarding the development proposal and to verify the steps necessary for application and review.
  2. A site development plan for any new commercial development must adhere to the Town’s Commercial Design Standards – Chapter 20 of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs). An applicant shall attend a pre-application meeting with the Town’s Commercial Design Consultant upon submission of the completed application and appropriate fees and prior to the submitting plans for the site plan application.
  3. The completed application for site plan approval shall be submitted to the Growth Management Department no later than 30 days in advance of a regularly scheduled Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting in order to be considered at that meeting. The staff may request the assistance of the Town engineering consultant and the Town attorney if needed. The TRC meetings are posted, public meetings. This application must be accompanied by eight full-size sets of the proposed plan and four 11 x 17, which shall meet the site plan requirements of Chapter 7, Land Development Regulations, and the applicable fees.
  4. After the application and application fee is received, the application will be submitted to the Town’s consultant LDI (Land Design Innovations, Inc.) for compliance with the Town of Lady Lake Commercial Design Standards. Any meeting between the applicant and LDI prior to the application fee being paid to the Town of Lady Lake will be at the applicant’s sole expense and the applicant is responsible for paying any and all costs or fees charged by LDI for meeting with the applicant prior to the Town receiving the application fee. Only after the application fee has been received by the Town of Lady Lake and after LDI has received and completely reviewed, and commented on the application does Town of Lady Lake staff begin to review the application.
  5. More than six months may pass before the Town of Lady Lake Commission considers the site plan for approval or denial.
  6. In the event an application is rejected for incompleteness two times and the application must be resubmitted the applicant shall be charged for additional review costs incurred by the Town. The additional review costs shall be assessed in the form of a resubmittal fee in the amount of $2,500.00. The Town of Lady Lake will take no further action on a rejected application until the resubmittal fee is received.
  7. The applicant will be informed of the date and time of the TRC meeting for which the application is scheduled.

Review Process

All applications shall be reviewed by the TRC and comments shall be discussed at the next meeting. Formal comments of the TRC shall be transmitted in writing to the applicant within 14 days. These are generally provided in the form of minutes of the TRC meeting.

Fire Review Requirements:

  1. When submitting for site plan review, ensure the building construction type and square footage is listed as this helps to determine the fire flow requirements.
  2. On Utility Page, include all new hydrants and any existing hydrants in the immediate area. Also provide a current fire flow test (at 20 psi) from the nearest hydrant.
  3. If having to install water mains and/or hydrants, show location, the size and type of pipe, and DDCV (if applicable)
  4. Provide restraining details of water main, details of DDCV, Hydrant, Valves
  5. Hydrants (bonnet only) will be required to be painted based on fire flow obtained and blue roadway hydrant markers and striping and signage (when applicable) will be required
  6. Show fire lane striping and signage for the building
  7. An approved turn-around for emergency equipment shall be provided if there is a dead end of greater than 150 ft. (See NFPA 1 Handbook, Chapter 18)
  8. For additional information, see Lady Lake LDC Chapter 14 and/or NFPA 1


  1. Minor development projects may resubmit plans in response to TRC comments at any time within 60 days of the TRC meeting. The plans shall be reviewed by appropriate TRC members, based on original findings. Based on the outcome of this second review, the Town Manager shall take one of the following actions:
    1. If previous comments were not addressed or the plan modifications result in additional Code discrepancies, such comments shall be transmitted to the applicant. Resubmittals shall be made within 30 days after the transmittal of comments.
    2. If all comments are satisfactorily addressed, a development order shall be issued by the Town Manager or designee within five working days after unconditional approval or verification that the conditions have been met and applicable sewer and water impact fees have been paid. The applicant may then apply for a building permit.
  2. Major Development projects must resubmit revised plans no later than 60 days after the original TRC meeting review. The plans shall be reviewed by the appropriate TRC members with findings reported to the Town Commission for their consideration.

Town Commission

  1. The Town Commission shall consider the development plans at a regularly scheduled meeting. The applicant or his authorized agent shall be present at the time of consideration. Upon consideration of the comments of the TRC and the public, the Commission shall take one of the following actions:
  2. Table the consideration of the project until their next regularly scheduled meeting to allow for the resolution of outstanding issues. If the applicant or his authorized agent is present, no project shall be tabled more than once. If they are not, it may be tabled as many times as the Commission wishes.
  3. Deny the proposed Site Development Plan.
  4. Approve the proposed Site Development Plan.
  5. Approve the proposed Site Development Plan with conditions.


The Town Manager or designee shall issue a development order within five working days of unconditional approval or verification that conditions have been met and applicable sewer and water impact fees have been paid. The applicant may then apply for a building permit.

The above requirements are intended to provide a general overview of the site planning process. Site planning requirements for parking, landscaping, and the other technical components are specified in Lady Lake Ordinance 94-08, Land Development Regulations, adopted August 15, 1994 and are available at Town Hall for your information.

For further information, please contact the Growth Management Department.


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