Easement Vacation

Easement Vacation


Application for a request for a subdivision easement vacation shall be submitted on the appropriate form, along with the applicable fee and any additional documents that are required.

Review Process

The submittals shall be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee and recommendations shall be made to the Town Commission.

Notification of Public Hearing

  1. The Town shall notice of the request to the owners of all adjoining properties within 150 feet of the subject properly at least two weeks prior to the date of the Commission meeting.
  2. During this time, the applicant shall post the property that is the subject of the vacation with signs notifying the public of the proposed vacation, date of the public hearing and the department to contact for further information. The signs shall be spaced, at a minimum, along all public road frontages, with a minimum of one sign per 500 feet along any one frontage.
  3. The Town shall have the notice of public hearing published in a newspaper of general circulation within the Town at least two weeks prior to the hearing. Notice shall also be posted in a conspicuous location at the Town Hall.

The above requirements are intended to provide a general overview of the easement vacation application process. The vacation requirements are specified in Lady Lake Ordinance 94-08, Land Development Regulations, adopted August 15, 1994 and are available at Town Hall.

For further information, please contact the Growth Management Department.


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