Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau

Police officers in the Operations Bureau respond to calls for service each day. They patrol our roads and enforce traffic and parking ordinances. They investigate accidents, provide traffic control, and assist with medical emergency calls. They also resolve criminal complaints and provide other specialized services to our residents.

Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) investigates animal complaints and enforces Town ordinances. The ACO impounds strays and reunites lost pets with their owners. The ACO also promotes animal welfare and educates the public about animal safety. The kennel of the ACO is designed to house animals temporarily and does not serve as an animal shelter. For this reason, surrendered animals are not accepted. View lost and adoptable animals.

Calls for Service

Calls for service are assigned to patrol officers according to severity or urgency. Calls are generally initiated by the public, including calls to 911 for emergency assistance. Information is collected at our central dispatching service and relayed by radio to the responding officers.


The Canine (K-9) unit use service dogs to assist in the performance of their responsibilities. Service dogs accompany their handlers on traffic stops or when responding to calls or emergencies. The canine assists in detecting illegal substances and in other public engagements related to law enforcement.

Police officer stands outside police department with a black lab.

Community Service Aides

The Community Service Aides (CSA) are civilian members of the Lady Lake Police Department trained to perform a variety of duties in support of sworn law enforcement. Responsibilities include preliminary non-violent investigations, automobile accident investigation, minor crime scene processing, and other, non-emergency, law enforcement activities.

Criminal Investigation Division

Detectives in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigate cases when they become too complex or time consuming for the initial responding police officer.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement

A primary duty of our patrol officers is the enforcement of traffic laws to reduce traffic collisions. This encourages the safe and expedient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These efforts result in safer roadways and streets, fewer fatalities and injuries, and reduced property damage.

Police officer standing near his patrol car.


Reserve Police Officers provide supplemental force for general duty police work. Duties may include patrol, investigations, special events, and special details. Duties are assigned by a supervisor or a member of the Command Staff.

Deputy Chief Jason Brough

Lady Lake Deputy Police Chief Jason BroughDeputy Chief Jason Brough came to the Lady Lake Police Department with 20 years of law enforcement experience in Hernando County, Florida. Deputy Chief Brough holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Hodges University and is a 2012 graduate of the FBI National Academy.


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