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The Town of Lady Lake provides an average of more than 21 million gallons of water to its customers each month.

Lady Lake Utilities Customer Service handles accounts, billing, and water utility connections and disconnections. To inquire about your account, visit Town Hall at 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, call 352-751-1525 or email [email protected].

Villages of Lady Lake residents receive water utilities from the VCCDD Utilities Department. The VCCDD is responsible for the operations and management of the water and wastewater treatment systems for this area of The Villages. The VCCDD Finance Department is responsible for the billing and collection of payment for those services. To inquire about your account, call 352-750-0000 or email [email protected].


Watering Restrictions

Watering restrictions ensure the efficient use of water for irrigation.  Link to St. Johns River Water Management District website for more information.


The Town of Lady Lake Utilities Staff has received multiple Florida Rural Water Operator of the Year Awards.


All of the Town’s water comes from the Floridan Aquifer, which lies deep below the surface and is replenished mainly by rainwater. This “groundwater” comes from three wells throughout the Town. These wells have a combined capacity of 2 million gallons per day.


Groundwater is typically of a high quality, requiring only disinfection with chlorine prior to distribution to our customers. Town Staff routinely monitors the drinking water quality 365 days a year. For more information on water quality, refer to the Town’s Consumer Confidence Reports submitted annually to the regulatory agencies.


Town Staff works continually to maintain the integrity of drinking water after it leaves the treatment facility by performing preventative maintenance and repair of pipes, valves, hydrants, and meters that are part of the extensive water distribution system.

Boil Water Notices

A precautionary boil water notice means tap water should not be used for drinking, cooking, or making ice until tests confirm that the water is safe for consumption. If the Town issues a boil water notice, you should use bottled water or boil your tap water. This is because a boil water notice means your community’s water could have germs that can lead to illness. Testing the water to ensure its safety can take up to 48 hours. To learn more, click here.



The Town of Lady Lake operates two wastewater treatment facilities with a combined treatment capacity of 1 million gallons per day. After a combination of physical, biological, and chemical treatment, wastewater leaves the plant as an environmentally friendly effluent. The Town provides reuse or reclaimed water for irrigation to residents and commercial customers.

Collection and Lift Stations

The Town of Lady Lake maintains 19 lift stations and an extensive collection system. Town Staff regularly cleans and repairs sewer pipes and maintains lift stations, where wastewater is collected and then pumped to the treatment plant or another lift station.

Reuse or Reclaimed Water

The Town of Lady Lake captures, treats, and utilizes wastewater effluent to distribute to irrigation customers throughout the Town. Utilizing Reuse Water for irrigation is a great cost effective and environmentally friendly way to use Florida’s most precious resource to irrigate anything from lawns, medians, parks, and golf courses.



The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is a national permitting program designed to control the pollutants discharged into the surface water such as lakes, ponds, streams and even the ocean. Improvement in our nation’s water quality can become a reality through public education and awareness, and through the implementation of steps that avoid or mitigate the problems associated with water pollution.

Stormwater pollution is a major contributor to the degradation of our groundwater, lakes, rivers and oceans. Learn more about preventing stormwater pollution.

For more information, link to: Environmental Protection Agency

Backflow Testing

Backflow refers to the undesired reversal of non-potable water or other substances, flowing back through a cross-connection and entering either a public water system or a consumer's potable water system. To mitigate backflow, every structure is equipped with a backflow device—a mechanical fixture designed to prevent approved water from flowing backward into the primary water supply. Annual testing of backflow prevention devices is required under Town ordinance.  Water customers can contact Water/Sewer Field and Plant Operations at 352-751-1504 for additional information.


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Water/Sewer Field and Plant Operations


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