Town Hall

FSS 668.6076 Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.
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Town Manager

    352           area code
Contact    E-mail  Phone #
Kris Kollgaard Town Manager   [email protected] 751-1545
Julia Harris  Administrative Assistant to TM   [email protected]

Town Clerk

Contact    E-mail  Phone #
Kris Kollgaard Town Clerk   [email protected] 751-1501
Nancy Slaton Deputy Town Clerk   [email protected] 751-1502
Carol Osborne  Staff Assistant to Town Clerk   [email protected]


Contact    E-mail  Phone #
Pam Winegardner Finance Director    [email protected] 751-1538
Debbie Rodriguez-Lopez Accountant   [email protected] 751-1537
Becky Hewett Accounting Specialist  
[email protected]
Michelle Sloane Accounting Clerk
  [email protected] 751-1549
Dawn Woods – Accounting Specialist   [email protected]  751-1535

Human Resources

Contact    E-mail  Phone #
Maureen Gochee H.R. Director   [email protected] 751-1505
Tamika DeLee Administrative Assistant to H.R.   [email protected] 751-1524

Growth Management/Building Services

Contact   Email Phone #
Thad Carroll Growth Management Director   [email protected] 751-1521
Wendy Then Town Planner   [email protected] 751-1582
Christie Gosneigh Growth Management Tech   [email protected] 751-1511
Rebecca Schneider Development Coordinator / Planner   [email protected] 751-1511
Ron Rowe  Building Official   [email protected] 751-1511
Cheyanne Kemp Growth Management Tech   [email protected] 751-1512
Michelle Bilbrey  Code Enforcement Officer    [email protected]  751-1562

Utilities Department

Contact   Email Phone #
Main Office     751-1525
Trouble Calls or Emergencies     751-1565
Philomena Bodie Customer Service Rep. I   [email protected] 751-1528
Kathy Learn Customer Service Rep. II   [email protected] 751-1525

Library-225 West Guava Street

Contact   Email Phone #
Information     753-2957
Marsha Brinson Director   [email protected] 753-2957

Parks & Recreation Department-260 Rolling Acres Road

Contact   Email Phone #
Main Office     430-0451
Mike Burske Parks and Recreation Director   [email protected] 430-0451

Police Department-423 Fennell Blvd.

Contact   Email Phone #
Emergency Only     911
Non-Emergency Complaints     751-1565
Robert Tempesta  Interim Chief of Police   [email protected]  751-1567
Jan Miller Assistant to the Chief   [email protected] 751-1567
Elvira Ruiz Records Supervisor   [email protected] 751-1560
Denise Williams Animal Control Officer   [email protected] 751-1530
Records Fax Number     751-1566

Public Works Department-136 Skyline Drive

Contact   E-mail Phone #
C.T. Eagle Public Works Director   [email protected] 751-1526
Ted Williams Street Maintenance Supervisor   [email protected] 751-1531
Butch Goodman Utilities Supervisor   [email protected] 751-1513
Peggy Smith Administrative Assistant   [email protected] 751-1526
Brenda Brock Staff Assistant   [email protected] 751-1504
Joe Grubb Lead Mechanic   [email protected] 751-1529
Leland Hubbell Utilities Water Operator   [email protected] 751-1526
Darryl Flanders Utilities Wastewater Operator   [email protected] 751-1553
After Hours Emergency Street Repairs     751-1565






If you need any information you cannot access on our website, please call us at 352-751-1501 and we will obtain the information for you. The Town is in the process of developing a new website. We invite you to take a look and let us know how we are doing. We value your feedback.