Commission Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes of the June 7, 2021, 5:45 p.m., Local Planning Agency Meeting

The Local Planning Agency meeting was held in the Commission Chambers at Lady Lake Town Hall, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida with Chairperson Ruth Kussard presiding. The meeting convened at 5:45 p.m.

A. Call to Order

Chairperson and Member Ruth Kussard

B. Roll Call

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Holden (Two) YES
Vincent (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES

Staff Present:

Bill Lawrence, Town Manager; Derek Schroth, Town Attorney; Thad Carroll, Growth Management Director; C.T. Eagle, Public Works Director; Mike Burske, Parks and Recreation Director; Lori Sadler, Library Director; Becky Higgins, Development Coordinator; and Nancy Slaton, Town Clerk

C. Public Comment

Mayor Kussard asked if there were any comments from the audience. There were no comments.

D. New Business

1. Minutes — April 19, 2021 — Local Planning Agency Meeting

Chairperson Kussard asked if there were any questions or comments from the members regarding the minutes. Hearing none, she asked for a motion.

Member Hannan motioned to approve the minutes of the April 19, 2021 Local Planning Agency meeting. Member Rietz seconded the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 5 to 0.

2. Ordinance 2021-06 — Small Scale Comp Plan Amendment — North Lake Presbyterian Church — Change from Lake County Urban Medium Density (2.50 Acres) and Town of Lady Lake Single-Family Low Density (2.66 Acres) to Town of Lady Lake Commercial General - Retail Sales & Services (RET) for Property Owned by North Lake Presbyterian Church, Inc.; within Lake County, Florida (Thad Carroll)

Growth Management Director Thad Carroll presented the background summary for this agenda item (on file in the Clerk’s Office). He stated that Michael Rankin of LPG Urban & Regional Planners is present if there are any questions of the applicant.

Commissioner Vincent asked for clarification on whether there were roads or rights-of-way shown on the map around this property.

Mr. Carroll replied that that they call these paper streets; which are street by plats that are not improved at this time, but could be improved in the future, and could provide connections to the properties to the south from Griffin Avenue. He stated the Town could retain rights-of-way in the future as well, although many of the streets have been vacated.

Chairperson Kussard asked if anyone had any questions or comments regarding this ordinance. There were no questions or comments at this time.

Member Holden made a motion to recommend approval of Ordinance 2021-06. Member Vincent seconded the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 5 to 0.

E. Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:53 p.m.

Nancy Slaton, Town Clerk

Ruth Kussard, Chairperson

Minutes transcribed by Nancy Slaton, Town Clerk