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2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

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Water-Sewer Rates Table 2018-2019

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Utility lien Agreement for Owners

Call Utility Customer Service at (352) 751-1525 or (352) 751-1528 for the following problems or concerns:

Opening a new water or sewer account.

Concerns about water or sewer.

Waterline breaks.

Water coming out of the ground (could be a broken waterline).

Finding anyone tampering with a meter or using water without approval.

For emergency after hour’s service call the police department at (352) 751-1565.

For customer’s disconnected and wanting to be reconnected after hours, call the

Police department at (352) 751-1565. The after hours reconnect fee is $50.

Immediately report suspicious persons or activity around well sites to the Police Department at (352) 751-1565.

If you need any information you cannot access on our website, please call us at 352-751-1501 and we will obtain the information for you. The Town is in the process of developing a new website. We invite you to take a look and let us know how we are doing. We value your feedback. https://beta.ladylake.org