Library Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the October 14, 2021 4:00 p.m.
Library Advisory Board Meeting

The Lady Lake Library Board Meeting was held in the Town Hall Commission Chambers at 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida.

A. Call to Order

The meeting convened at 4 p.m.

B. Invocation

C. Pledge of Allegiance

D. Roll Call

Dorothy Grubb, Vice Chairperson/Member; Dr. Rick Jones, Member; and Chairperson/Member Reverend Dr. Paul Harsh


Dr. Lily Kliot, Member


Lori Sadler, Library Director; and Carol Osborne, Staff Assistant to the Town Clerk


E. Public Comment

Chairperson/Member Harsh noted that no one from the public was in attendance.

F. New Business

1. Approval of Minutes

Member Jones made a motion to approve the July 8, 2021 Library Board meeting minutes as presented. Member Grubb seconded the motion. The motion passed by an all in favor vote of 3 to 0.

G. Report by Chair

No report.

H. Report by Town Commission Liasion

No report.

I. Report By Lake County Library Advisory Board Representative

Member Jones advised that he is resigning from this position. He stated this board follows the protocol set forth by the Lake County Library Advisory Board and he does not find the county meetings productive.

J. Report By Library Director

Ms. Sadler stated that she will continue to email monthly reports to the board, even though the board is meeting quarterly.
Ms. Sadler reported that some of the library staff have small children, and when school began in August and students were exposed to a positive Covid cases, this resulted in many staff members being quarantined. She stated it seems that positive Covid cases are leveling, and the library is not as frequently short staffed.
Ms. Sadler stated the county libraries are not holding in-person programs yet. She stated member libraries are holding in-person programs at their discretion, with Covid protocol in place.
Story time has resumed with limited attendees. She stated staff place hoops on the floor for the children to sit in to keep them safely distanced from each other. Take home crafts, a service that began during the 2020 shutdown, became such a popular item that staff has continued providing this service.
Ms. Sadler stated that she is hoping to resume programs with larger attendees in January, and possibly implementing outdoor programs when the weather is cooler. She stated all future programs are tentative.
Public use of the library, patron and circulation numbers are slowly increasing. She stated that all of the digital access has continued to be utilized, and patrons continue to request items to be brought out to them.
Ms. Sadler stated that the Town increased the library budget, and that the library collection is growing as a result.
Member Grubb asked for an update regarding the Library Board residency requirement.
Ms. Sadler stated that the Town’s ordinance regarding this states that one member of the board can reside outside town limits yet must live in Lake County. She stated our library has filled that requirement with a current board member and that staff has been considering several Town patrons to ask if they would be willing to be a board member.
Member Harsh stated that he is the board member who resides outside of Town limits yet operates a business within the Town limits. He asked if that could qualify him as a member within Town limits and therefore allow the board to appoint a patron who resides in Lake County.
Ms. Sadler stated that it is her interpretation that the member must reside within Town limits. She stated that she will verify this with the Town Clerk and the Town Manager.
Member Harsh thanked Ms. Sadler for all that she and her staff have done during the Covid shutdown and continues to do for the benefit of the patrons.
Ms. Sadler stated that it has been challenging. She stated that feels responsible for the safety of the patrons and for her staff.
Member Harsh asked who set the Covid policy for the library.
Ms. Sadler stated that it has been a combined effort. She stated that the director of the Lake County Library System sets policies and procedures specifically for the branch libraries. The Lady Lake Library is a member library through the local agreement. He will make recommendations to the member libraries. She stated that consistency is beneficial among libraries. She stated that she also considers the Town policies along with discussing with other libraries and her staff.
Member Harsh asked if there is a measurable goal in returning to past practice rather than a consensus among libraries. For example, when Covid cases reach zero.
Ms. Sadler stated that she has not aware of a measurable goal.
Member Harsh expressed his views regarding information regarding Covid. He stated that Ms. Sadler and her staff are doing an amazing job.

L. Adjourn

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 4:41 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

s/ Carol Osborne, Staff Assistant to the Town Clerk

s/ Dr. Paul Harsh, Chairperson