Town of Lady Lake Road Resurfacing Project – 2022

The Town of Lady Lake Annual Street Resurfacing Project will begin August 4th and will continue until mid-to late September, weather contingent.  Various streets throughout the Town will be receiving various surface treatment types of resurfacing this year.

Preparation work will begin this week with spot patching, which will be followed by crack sealing work. If you see fresh, black sealant material on the roadway, please try to avoid travel on it if possible and avoid sharply turning the wheels of the vehicle on the fresh pavement until it has cured.

Major resurfacing work will start near the end of August in which street segments may be closed for short times to complete the work.  Area residents will be notified in advance of any closures by the contractor performing the work.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause, these projects are vital to the Town of Lady Lake having one of the best maintained road networks in the region. Thank you in advance from the Public Works Department.