Parks, Recreation, and Trees Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the October 12, 2022 5:30 p.m.
Parks, Recreation, and Trees Advisory Committee Meeting

The Parks, Recreation and Tree Board Advisory Committee meeting was held in the Town Hall Commission Chambers at 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida. The meeting convened at 5:30 p.m.

A. Roll Call

Fred Weber, Member; Doris Turlo, Member; Betty Cantelmo, Member; Vice Chairperson/Member Chryle Lowery; and Chairperson/Member Dr. Richard Jones


Mike Burske, Parks and Recreation Director; and Jackie Schilling, Staff Assistant to Clerk's Office

B. Public Comment

Chairperson Jones asked if there were any public comments. There were no comments.

C. New Business

1. Approval of Minutes

Member Turlo moved to approve the minutes of the October 12, 2022, Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee meeting. Member Cantelmo seconded. The motion passed by an all-in-favor vote of 5 to 0.

2.  Consideration of the Conceptual Landscaping Plans and Waiver for the Rolling Acres Reserve Apartments - MJSP 07/22-022 - Proposing a 92-unit Multi-family Apartment Complex amongst six buildings and featuring 183 parking spaces, Lift Station, Trash Compactor and Landscaping Buffers, on an 8.13-acre parcel zoned Light Commercial, owned by Rolling Acres Club III and identified by Alternate Key 1279861.

Ms. Then presented a site plan for the conceptual landscape plan. This is phase three of the three phases. Phases one and two have already been approved. The waiver is being requested by the developer for a change to the north elevation, Class B, Buffer 4 requirements along Route 466. The developer is not asking for a reduction in tree caliper but a change in the type of tree that will be planted. The original plan shows 26 canopy trees and 19 understory trees; the waiver is requesting 45 understory trees (Crepe Myrtle, Southern Wax Myrtle and Brody Juniper, Japanese Blueberry and Egleston Holly). Lake County has requested that they not plant canopy cover trees but plant understory trees due to overhead power lines and infrastructure. Town staff agrees with the request, and it complies with town code related to spacing, vegetation, water use requirements and site visibility. If approved, this will move to the Town Commission to receive the plan for final approval in November 2022.

Member Jones asked if a variance has been granted for this property in the past. Ms. Then said that in the last 12 months, no other variances, approvals, or waivers have been requested.

Mike Burske asked for clarification that Lake County’s request has pushed the developer for the waiver to change from planting canopy trees to understory trees. Ms. Then replied that it has.

Member Turlo asked for clarification on where the entrances are located. She was also given clarification on what understory trees would be planted.

Member Lowery made the comment that it is important for us to be aware of what is planted in our area in relation to infrastructure, insects, and weather resistance. She said that the Crepe Myrtle is a good understory tree, but the Brodie Juniper and Wax Myrtle hold mosquitos and she does not feel those trees should be planted.

Member Lowery asked if the Rolling Acres Club III is the same developer/owner as Rolling Acres Apartments that are already located there? William Zay, Senior Project Engineer from Foster, Conant & Associates, responded that they are not the same developer.

Member Cantelmo made a motion to accept the Conceptual Landscaping Plans and Waiver as written. Member Weber seconded the motion. The motion passed by an all-in favor vote of 5 to 0.


Construction on the walking trail of the park is going well, paving was done in the last couple days. Anyone wanting to tour, Mr. Burske will be glad to take them around.

A proposal was made to the Commission to have the original, 100-year-old, 10’ x 10’ jail moved to Town property. He is afraid it will be cost prohibitive, but Mr. Burske is working on the details to be presented to the Town Commission.

The Daddy Daughter Dance will take place this Saturday, October 15, at the Community Center.

The Not Too Scary Halloween Party will be held on October 22 at the baseball field.

The Christmas Parade will take place on December 3rd.

Light Up Lady Lake begins on December 9th.

Town growth was discussed. Ms. Then reported that the Growth Management Department is drafting an ordinance placing a moratorium on new annexations for six months. If approved, the moratorium be in effect between January 1 to June 30, 2023. This would give staff the time to review site plans, water/ sewer capabilities, schools, utilities, parks, roads, etc. This does not affect land currently in the process of being annexed.

Ms. Then also commented that The Villages is bringing tremendous growth to this area. Not only by residents but the people that are needed to provide the services to support The Villages.

Ms. Then stated that developers find Lady Lake very attractive mainly because the County does not provide utilities, so they want to annex into the town because we can provide water and sewer. County Road 25 is a corridor that is experiencing growth, so we need to work with Lake County and the State of Florida to coordinate that growth. A lot of our roads are county and state maintained which is why we do not have any power over how those roads are maintained, nor do we receive impact fees from them. The County does not have any plans to widen CR 25 right now, but they may reconsider after all the proposed infrastructure is in place and annexed land is developed. As a side note, the Town Commission is the ultimate deciding body regarding annexations.

Member Lowery said growth is coming and we need to move forward with it. She expects that we will need a new Town Hall, a new police department and a new parks department; we are busting out of the seams and it is time for us to start taking care of the Town.

E. Chairperson and Members' Report

No Report.

F. Adjourn

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

s/ Jackie Schilling, Staff Assistant to Clerk's Office

s/ Dr. Richard Jones, Chairperson


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