Commission Meeting Agenda

Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda, March 9, 2022, at 5:30 p.m.

All interested persons are cordially invited to attend this public meeting.

Please note that the wearing of masks and social distancing is optional as many in the community have received their Covid 19 vaccines.


Town Hall Commission Chambers, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida 32159


A. Roll Call

B. Public Comments

C. New Business

  1. Approval of Minutes of the October 13, 2021, Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee Meeting
  2. Consideration to Send a Recommendation to the Commission to Change the Colors of the Lady Lake Train Depot to Its Historically Accurate Colors and Fund the Project in Next Years’ Budget. (Mike Burske)
  3. Consideration to Send a Recommendation to the Commission to Invest $5,000.00 from the Tree Bank to Hold the Annual Tree Raffle for Lady Lake Residents (Mike Burske)
  4. Discussion of Dogs and Pets at the Various Parks in Lady Lake (Mike Burske)
  5. Consideration of plaque in Heritage Park for Doris Turlo (Mike Burske)
  6. Discussion of an Iraq-Afghanistan memorial in Lady Lake (Mike Burske)

D. Staff Report

E. Chairperson and Members Report

F. Adjourn


Notes: (1) This board is advisory. All recommendations are forwarded to the Town Commission. (2) If a person decides to appeal a decision made with respect to any matter considered at the above meeting or hearing, he or she may need a verbatim record of the proceedings including the testimony and evidence, a record of which is not provided by the Town of Lady Lake. (F.S. 286-0105). (3) Please be advised that one or more members of any other Town Board or Committee may be in attendance of this meeting. (4) This public hearing is being conducted in a handicapped accessible location. Any person requiring special accommodation at this meeting should contact the Clerk’s office at least five calendar days prior to the meeting. To access a Telecommunication Device for Deaf Persons (TDD), please call 352-751-1565.