Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the August 10, 2020 5:30 p.m.
Planning and Zoning Meeting

The Planning and Zoning Board meeting was held in the Town Hall Commission Chambers at 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida. The meeting convened at 5:30 p.m.

A. Call to Order

Chairperson Sigurdson

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Roll Call

Vice Chairperson/Member Regis LeClerc; Chairperson and Member William Sigurdson; Member Robert Conlin; Member Nora Choquette


Thad Carroll, Growth Management Director; Wendy Then, Senior Planner; and Carol Osborne, Staff Assistant to the Town Clerk


Sasha Garcia, Attorney, BRS Legal

D. Public Comment

Chairperson Sigurdson stated there is no one from the public present.

E. New Business

1. Approval of Minutes

Member LeClerc made a motion to approve the June 8, 2020 Planning and Zoning Board meeting minutes as presented. Member Choquette seconded the motion, and the motion passed by an all-in-favor vote of 4 to 0.

2. Ordinance 2020-05 — Amending the Providing for a Text Amendment to the Town of Lady Lake Land Development Regulations, Ordinance 94-08, Chapter 5, Section 5-4, “Zoning District Uses”; Amending the Height Requirements for Specified Zoning Designations; Amending the Application Review Process by the Technical Review Committee for Planned Unit Developments (Wendy Then)

Senior Planner Wendy Then presented the background summary for this agenda item (on file in the Clerk’s Office).

Vice chairperson and Member LeClerc verified with Ms. Then that a project has been approved that will be higher than 35-feet.

Ms. Then clarified that the Town Commission has approved a conceptual site plan that featured buildings with five stories. Ms. Then stated that the code allows for buildings taller than 35 feet. She advised that a Commissioner requested any future buildings not exceed 35 feet in height. If the Commissioners approve this ordinance, developers for any future projects with proposed buildings larger than 35 feet in height would need to apply for a variance.

Chairperson Sigurdson asked if there were any further questions or comments.

Vice chairperson and Member LeClerc expressed his concerns regarding nursing homes or assisted living facilities that would allow patients or residents on a third floor.

Ms. Then advised that all buildings must comply with ADA requirements. She stated that she cannot comment on the number of patients or residents per room or per floor.

Member Choquette verified that this ordinance pertains pertain to any future buildings, not just assisted living facilities. She noted this would benefit assistant living facilities because of the height restriction.

Chairperson Sigurdson expressed his concern with any amendments and how it affects the character of the town. He stated there has been a lot of development on the south part of town, and the thought of seeing tall buildings when driving north into town does not compliment the character of the Town of Lady Lake.

Growth Management Director Thad Carroll stated that the intention of this ordinance is to establish a suitable height restriction. By limiting a building’s height to three stories, it will address some of the density within a particular building. He stated that the Commission had an issue in that tall buildings are not what they want people to see when they approach the Town. He clarified there is a provision in this ordinance for buildings in the industrial and heavy commercial zoning district with different height requirements.

Corroborating what Member Choquette stated, Mr. Carroll stated there is currently nothing in place to establish what building height is acceptable to the town. He clarified that the project on the south side of the town was originally approved at five stories, and the only change to that project is that the prior submittal was for apartments and now it is for condominiums.

Chairperson and Member Sigurdson asked about the slope of the property from Hwy 441 to the property line.

Mr. Carroll stated there is a significant grade change although he does not know to what degree. He stated that project will require a significant amount of fill work. He stated that this was a concern for Commissioner Holden, who requested this zoning amendment.

Chairperson Sigurdson stated he is concerned with the weight of a five-story building.

Mr. Carroll stated the reason the developer is presenting plans for a five-story building is because majority of the parking will be under the building, which limits the amount of asphalt on the site.

Chairperson Sigurdson asked if there were any further questions or comments.

Vice chairperson and Member LeClerc asked if the fire department is equipped to service a larger building.

Ms. Then confirmed that Lake County Fire Department is capable of servicing large buildings. She stated that every site plan is reviewed by the fire inspector, who is a former fire fighter and is very meticulous in his reviews. She stated that he is also one of the few fire inspectors in the southeastern region who can perform fire door inspections.

Vice chairperson and Member LeClerc asked if commercial buildings have fire sprinklers on all floors including the ground floor.

Ms. Then stated it depends on the type of building and the occupancy. She stated that assisted living facilities, among others, are considered critical facilities and are required to have an annual fire inspection.

Chairperson Sigurdson asked if there were any further questions or comments. Hearing none, he asked for a motion.

Member Choquette made a motion to forward Ordinance 2020-05 to the Town Commission with the recommendation of approval. Member Conlin seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following roll call vote:

Member Vote
LeClerc YES
Conlin YES
Choquette YES
Sigurdson YES

F. Chairperson and Members' Report

Chairperson Sigurdson reminded the board members that as a matter of protocol, the chairperson leads the meeting and requested that they wait until the chairman asks for questions or comments.

Member Conlin read a prepared statement advising that he is resigning from the Board. He stated that it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve with the fellow members on the Planning and Zoning Board. He thanked them and wished them well in the future.

Attorney Sasha Garcia clarified with Chairperson Sigurdson that he wishes to speak first after a presentation.

Mr. Carroll stated that during a Commission meeting, the Mayor will ask if any of the Commission member have any questions or comments. At any time during the meeting, should a Commission member need to speak, he or she will address the Mayor by saying, “Mayor, if I may”.

G. Adjourn

With nothing further to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

s/ Carol Osborne, Staff Assistant to the Town Clerk

s/ William Sigurdson, Chairperson