Police Pension Board Meeting Agenda

Police Pension Board Meeting Agenda,
March 8, 2023, 1:30 p.m.

All interested persons are cordially invited to attend this public meeting.

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at 1:30 p.m.


Town Hall Commission Chambers, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake


I. Call to Order - Roll Call - Determination of a Quorum

II. Public Comment

III. Approval of Minutes

  1. December 14, 2022 — Quarterly Meeting

IV. Reports (Attorney - Consultants)

1.AndCo Consulting – Brad Hess, Investment Consultant

i. Quarterly report as of December 31, 2022

2. Stone & Gerkin, P.A. – Kevin Stone, Board Attorney

V. New Business

1.Certification of election results

2. Election of Secretary

3. Upcoming Trustee Term Expirations

a) Leonard Cieciek, 5th Trustee, Expires April 2023

b) Jason Brough, Member-Elected, Expires April 2023

VI. Old Business

1.Payment ratification (see attached spreadsheet)

i). Warrant #42, #43

2. New invoices for payment approval (see highlighted items on spreadsheet)
i). None

3. Fund activity report for December 8, 2022 – March 1, 2023 (see attached spreadsheet)

VIII. Staff Reports, Discussion, and Action

1. Foster & Foster, Siera Feketa, Plan Administrator
i). Discussion of Disability Affidavits

ii). Educational opportunity
a). FPPTA 39th Annual Conference, June 25-28, 2023, Orlando, FL

IX. Trustees' Reports, Discussion, and Action

X. Adjournment

Next Meeting Date: June 14, 2023 at 1:30 p.m., Quarterly Board Meeting

Note: Please be advised that one or more members of any other Town Board or Committee may be in attendance of this meeting. This public hearing is being conducted in a handicapped accessible location. Any person requiring special accommodation at this meeting should contact the Clerk’s office at least five calendar days prior to the meeting. To access a Telecommunication Device for Deaf Persons (TDD), please call (352) 751-1565.