Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation of a Proposal to Construct a Trail on the Vacant Wooded Property Owned by the Town between Old Dixie Highway and Arlington Avenue


Parks and Recreation

Staff recommends advancing the proposal.


The Commission has requested a proposal with the estimated costs to construct a walking trail and the amenities that would complement this type of this type of recreational activity.  Staff worked with the Lake Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization, Neel-Schaffer Engineering, and Top Line Recreation, and put together an estimate of what it may cost to design and build the trail.  Keep in mind that bids will vary for this estimate.  The proposed trail will follow the outer perimeter of the property with an estimated length of just over 2,400 feet.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated at $391,000; however, it will vary depending on what is to be constructed.

Source of Funding

Parks and Recreation Impact Fees

Funding Account