Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation of the Architectural Detailed Elevations and Landscaping Plans for the 7-Eleven Lady Lake Gas Station ― New Major Site Plan MJSP 03/21-003 ― A Proposal to Redevelop the Site into a 4,650-Square-Foot Convenience Store Featuring a Gas Canopy with Six Fuel Dispensing Pumps and 24 Fueling Stations, 26 Parking Spaces, a 980-Square-Foot Drive-Through Car Wash Building, and a Dumpster Enclosure; Proposed on a 1.29-Acre Parcel Located at the Southeast Corner of North Highway 27/441 and Griffin Avenue; Identified by Alternate Key 1237998


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the detailed elevations and landscaping waivers for the 7-Eleven Lady Lake Gas Station - New Major Site Plan MJSP 03/21-003, as follows:

  • Chapter 10, Section 10-3).b.)B).2).a). — Landscaping Buffer Class “A” – Reduction in buffer plant material along the west elevation.
  • Chapter 10, Section 10-3).g). — Landscape area four feet in width shall be provided around the base of all buildings.
  • Chapter 20, Section 20-3C).9). – More than three colors will be utilized for the exterior walls.


On Tuesday, March 25, 2021, applicant 30AIP Lady Lake, LLC filed a New Major Site Plan application on behalf of property owner M & L Lady Lake, LLC for property located at 401 S. U.S. Highway 27/441, within the town limits of the Town of Lady Lake, Florida. As per the Lake County Property Appraiser’s record, the defunct gas station building is a 2,640-square-foot structure constructed in 1989. The subject lot was just recently annexed into the Town.

In review of the Land Development Regulations, the proposed development is a complete tear-down and rebuild; therefore, all new regulations are applicable for the scope of the redevelopment. The applicant stated that the direct highway frontage at a major intersection and the island-shaped lot configuration are special and unique conditions peculiar to this site. Additionally, the overhead power lines would make it difficult for canopy trees to grow and develop at their full potential. Lastly, the SR 500 widening project brings additional space constraints, and sidewalk and walkway requirements that require the reduction on the buffer width.


In accordance with the Land Development Regulations, Chapter 20, Section 20-3C).3).A)., new buildings should adopt and must closely follow one of the four recommended architectural styles: Frame Vernacular, Craftsman/Bungalow, Mediterranean, or Mission. The applicant will incorporate mostly elements of the Mission and Mediterranean architectural style designs.

The elevations feature diverse exterior building materials including high-impact horizontal bullnose banding with stucco finish, high-impact cornice with stucco finish, high-impact water table with stucco finish, pre-finished aluminum metal canopies, veneer stone around all building elevations, barrel tile, towers and parapets,  glass windows, and glass doors, etc. Elevations are included in the packet.


In accordance with Chapter 10-Landscape and Tree Protection, the site is required to provide approximately 206 tree caliper inches based on the 1.29-acre site development area (160”x 1.29).

The applicant is providing approximately 319 tree caliper inches, including 48 tree caliper inches of proposed canopy and understory trees to be planted, 191 tree caliper inches in existing trees to be preserved, and approximately 80 tree caliper inches in palms. The following number of trees are being provided:

  • Three Red Maple trees at four tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • Five Live Oak trees at four tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • Four Ligustrum trees at 2.5 tree caliper inches/multi-trunk each minimum.
  • Seven Redbud trees at 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • Three flowering Dogwood trees at 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • 12 Crepe Myrtle trees at an average of 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • 10 Sabal Palm trees at minimum of eight feet high in 24”x24” planter container at an average of six tree caliper inches each minimum.
  • Sweet & Sandankwa Viburnum shrubs at a minimum of 36” with three feet over center.

It was found that the applicant has designed the location and planting of landscaping in accordance to the Town’s landscaping code as it refers to spacing, native vegetation, water use requirements, while taking into consideration site visibility and overcrowding of plant material.

In accordance with Chapter 10, Section 10-3).b).B).2).a), the Landscaping Buffer Class “B” width requirement along the north elevation is twenty feet in width.


West (N. Hwy 27/441- 225 LF): Landscaping Buffer Class “A” Plant material reduction waiver.

Required: 10-foot buffer with five canopy trees, seven understory trees, and hedge.

Provided: 10-foot buffer with two palm trees, eight understory trees, and hedge.

A landscape area four feet in width shall be provided around the base of all buildings as per Town of Lady Lake Land Development Regulations, Chapter 10, Section 10-3).g). The applicant will be providing foundation planting; however, the width is less than three feet.

Town staff is in favor of approval because the request is compatible with approved land uses in the vicinity to the north of the subject parcel. Also, the site will provide more than the required amount of tree caliper inches as per the Town’s Land Development Regulations. The site meets Open Space FLU Policies, as well as on-site storm water retention for storm runoff needs. The proposal is consistent with how the Town would like to see infill development take place to promote economic development of annexed properties.


At the June 9, 2021 meeting, the Parks, Recreation, and Tree Advisory Committee voted 3 to 0 to forward the site plan application to the Town Commission with the recommendation of approval.

Fiscal Impact

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