Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation for the Applebee Property — Proposing to Rezone from Lake County Agriculture (A) to Lady Lake Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) to Develop a Single-Family Residence Subdivision Consisting Of 160 Units with Park Area/Amenities, Retention Pond Areas and Landscaping Buffers, Property Being Approximately 40.99 Acres, Owned by Allen and Darlene Applebee Life Estate, Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1739438, 1739454, and 1237815


Growth Management

Staff recommends advancing the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission.


On Thursday, April 19, 2007, the Town adopted Ordinances 2006-57 and 2006-58, annexing and amending the future land use of approximately 40.99 acres east of County Road 25 and north of Line Road, within the Town of Lady Lake municipal limits.

The parcels never received a Lady Lake zoning designation after a couple of rezoning applications were submitted and withdrawn by the applicant on June 5, 2007 and September 12, 2007 respectively.

After sitting vacant for 15 years, the 40.99-acre parcel has received some development interest, and BESH HALFF has been retained to put together a conceptual plan laying out a residential proposal.


The applicant would like to proceed with rezoning to Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) to establish a 160-unit single family residence subdivision:

  • The proposed typical lot is 50 feet by 117 feet or 5,850 square feet in area.
  • A minimum Landscaping Buffer Class “A” (10-foot landscaping buffer) will be provided along the perimeters of the property.
  • The proposed density is 3.90 dwelling units per acre.
  • Setbacks are expected to be 25 feet for the front-yard, 5 feet on the side yards, and 10 feet for the primary rear setback; however, as the applicant explores additional Town requirements for subdivisions, a final setback proposal will come before the Town Commission under the Memorandum of Agreement for the rezoning ordinance.

The proposal requires rezoning the three parcels, and then submitting for Single-Family Residence Subdivision Plat Plans (Preliminary, Construction, and then Final Plat) before homes can be erected. The applicant will be working with Town staff to make provision of Water and Sewer facilities to serve the development. At this time, the applicant would like to get some feedback from the Town Commission regarding the proposal before moving forward. The Single Family Residence Plat Plan Layout is included with the packet.

Fiscal Impact

To be determined.

Source of Funding

Not applicable.

Funding Account

Not applicable.