Special Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation for the Classic Car Wash – Proposing to Develop a Full-Service Flex Car Wash along Lakeview Street, on a parcel being approximately 2.81 acres located 220 linear feet east of the intersection of East Lakeview Street and South Highway 27/441, owned by Kim R. Cline and Kelly J. Daniel Trustees, Referenced by Alternate Key Number 3635663.


Growth Management

Staff recommends advancing the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission.


On Thursday, July 7, 2022, applicant Chad Cline with Classic Car Wash met with Town Staff and requested Town Staff to be added to the Special Conceptual Workshop Agenda to discuss a proposal regarding developing a vacant parcel being approximately 2.81 acres of land. The subject parcel is located 220 linear feet east of the intersection of East Lakeview Street and South Highway 27/441, just behind the existing Super Wash Car Wash.


On May 6, 2003, Classic Car Wash II, Inc. purchased the 2.81-acre vacant parcel as well as the 1.75-acre Car Wash Facility addressed as 229 South Highway 27/441. Classic Car Wash later sold the car wash business establishment in 2005; however, they kept the 2.81-acre parcel lying just behind along Lakeview Avenue. In looking at the history of the parcels, it appears that in the late 1990s both parcels were under the ownership of Grays Groves Inc./Grays Orange Barn/G&S Packing Co.


The applicant would like to propose a Full-Service Flex Car Wash featuring the following:

  • A 4,220-square-foot Car Wash Building
  • A 900-square-foot Detailing Bay
  • 24 Vacuum Cleaning Spaces
  • Storm Water Retention Pond, Dumpster, and 10-foot landscaping buffers around the north, south, east and west perimeter boundaries.


The property owners are aware of the State Road 500 Widening and other major development projects recently approved by the Town Commission. With the expected growth in residential neighborhoods and commercial sites, the applicant would like to bring before the Town Commission their car wash business model that will serve residents and businesses of Lady Lake. Classic Car Wash has been operating a car wash business in the Winter Garden area, and they want to bring to the Town their business plan concept.

The applicant stated that they own the property for close to 20 years, and they are committed to bringing a business development that enhances the Town’s future vision for this area.

The property is zoned Heavy Commercial (HC) and the Future Land Use is Commercial General- Retail Sales and Services (RET); which allows the proposed development.

At this time, the applicant would like to get some feedback from the Town Commission regarding the proposal before moving forward. A preliminary site plan layout of the project is included with the packet.


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