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Conceptual Presentation of the Taste of Lady Lake development proposal, located on West Lemon Street, north of Highway 466 and east of Clay Avenue. The applicant is proposing to rezone two properties being 0.78 acres and 0.68 acres from Mixed Low Density Residential (MX-5) to Planned Commercial (CP), also amending the future land use designation from Mixed Residential Low Density (MR-LD) to Commercial General-Retail Sales and Services (RET), to allow for restaurant uses with outdoor dining.

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Growth Management

Staff recommend advancing the proposal with or without modification as recommended by the Town Commission.


The applicant, Ryan Solstice of LPG Urban and Regional Planners, LLC, has submitted a Conceptual Plan for the consideration of the Town Commission on behalf of Hein Nguyen, in an effort to obtain comments and a consensus to proceed with filing rezoning applications for two properties located at the northeast intersection of Highway 466 and Clay Avenue on West Lemon Street.

The properties are currently zoned Mixed Low Density Residential (MX-5) with a future land use designation of Mixed Residential Low Density (MR-LD). The applicant would like to file rezoning applications with the Town of Lady Lake to amend the zoning designation to Planned Commercial (CP), as well as applications to amend the Future Land Use designation to Commercial General-Retail Sales and Services (RET). There are two properties, one being two parcels consisting of 0.68 acres, the other being three parcels consisting of 0.78 acres; However, the properties are not contiguous as they are separated by one residential lot. The developments would be accessed through driveway connections on West Lemon Street, with indirect access from Second Street to the east and Clay Avenue from the west.

The conceptual plan for the westernmost property abutting Clay Avenue proposes two buildings with four tenants, while the other to the east proposes two buildings with six tenants. The applicant asserts that the proposed use would complement the area well in that it would provide a transitional use from the commercial corridor of Highway 466 to the residential uses lying north of Highway 466. With the absence of food establishments nearby, the residents of the adjacent neighborhood, as well as visitors of the Town’s recreation facilities and library, could take advantage of getting a quick bite to eat with a short walk. The proposed number of ten tenants would provide a variety of fares for patrons to choose from as well. The dining area would be outside, with the ordering to be done within each tenant space. The concept is remarkably similar to that of a food truck operation; however, the ordering counters are not mobile.

The applicant has provided elevations for the proposed buildings which demonstrate the intent of being sensitive to the adjacent residential community through the incorporation of porches, bannisters, and hardy board siding. In addition, the placement of the outdoor dining areas along Highway 466 allows the buildings to provide both a visual and sound buffer for those residing in the abutting neighborhood.

Subsequent to the Conceptual Workshop, Mr. Solstice would like to file a formal application to amend the future land use designations, as well as to rezone the properties, based on the direction of the Town Commission.


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