Special Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation of the Grand Oaks Manufactured Homes Master Plan – Proposing approximately 795 manufactured home units, 94 RV sites, and 36 cabin sites, along with on-site amenities within the Grand Oaks Development.


Growth Management


Greg Beliveau of LPG Urban and Regional Planners has submitted a proposal on behalf of Grand Oaks Holding LLC for the redevelopment of 347 acres of property lying approximately one-quarter mile east of the incorporated boundaries of the Town of Lady Lake.  Should the Town Commission be receptive to the proposal, the property owner will file applications for annexation, a large-scale future land use map amendment, and rezoning with the Town of Lady Lake.  Although the property is non-contiguous, the Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement with the Lake County Board of County Commissioners allows for annexations which are non-contiguous with the Town of Lady Lake.

At present, there are Recreational Vehicle sites on the property, as well as cabins for rental for those who choose to stay on the property.  The applicant is proposing 15 cabins in addition to the 21 cabins in existence. The existing 94 RV sites are not proposed for expansion according to the conceptual plan.

The property owner would like to create 795 manufactured home lots on the property according to the proposal. The total number of units would total 925 with an overall density of 2.6 dwelling units per acre.  In addition, the applicant is proposing a smart hub area, a solar farm, a commercial garden, a community garden, and multiple trails across the property. These amenities would complement the existing clubhouse and pool area, chapel,  and several acres will remain designated equestrian areas and open space.  Other amenities may include an outdoor theatre, outdoor performing arts area, and office/workspaces. Services within the development may include dog daycare, child daycare, educational/tutoring services, and transportation services. The proposal is for an all-ages community.

Access into the development would be from Marion County Road on the north with two access points, and access from the south and east would be via Griffin Avenue.

At the time of the conceptual workshop hearing, the applicant stated that they will be equipped with information to address any questions dealing with traffic and schools.

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