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Discussion of Vinyl Fence Updates for the Lighthouse Storage― New Major Site Plan MJSP 06/21-001 ― A Proposal to Develop a Storage Facility consisting of an 800-square-foot Office, 77,850 square feet of Miniwarehouses Storage, and 181 Covered Parking Stalls for RV and Boat Storage; on property located at 1370 Teague Trail, Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1237718 And 1237734; within the town limits of the Town of Lady Lake, Florida.

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Growth Management

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, applicant Steve Valentine filed a New Major Site Plan application on behalf of property owner LYNK Investments, LLC for the proposed Lighthouse Storage development at 1370 Teague Trail, within the town limits of the Town of Lady Lake, Florida.

The Development Order was issued on November 22, 2021, and the project commenced construction in 2022. Since then, the developer has continuously made progress, and to date, Buildings A, B, C, and D are well under way and walls are being built.

As the RV Storage project moves forward, the applicant would like to request some changes to the placement and location of the proposed vinyl fence. In an effort to coordinate with adjacent neighbors the future development for Phase 2, the applicant would like to defer placing fence along the north and south property boundaries a distance of approximately 580 linear feet west of the westerly lot and approximately 662 linear feet on the west elevation.

In order to place the vinyl fence, plant material would need to be removed, and these areas will be disturbed even though there are no approved development for this future phase yet.

The applicant feels it would be a win-win situation to defer placing the fence until a later time to allow the neighbors to continue to enjoy their backyards undisturbed until the development of Phase 2 prompts to establish the fence and buffers as per the approved memorandum of agreement.

Past Actions

At the November 15, 2021, meeting, the Town Commission voted to approve the Lighthouse Storage New Major Site Plan MJSP 06/21-001 with waivers.

At the October 4, 2021, meeting, the Town Commission voted 4-1 to approve Resolution 2021-107 granting the removal of 13 Historic Trees for the development of the Lighthouse Storage Major Site Plan 06/21-001.

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To be determined.

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