Special Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conceptual Presentation of the Architectural Elevations for the Hammock Oaks Neighborhood Walmart – Proposing a Neighborhood Walmart retail store within the Hammock Oaks Development.


Growth Management

Staff will advance the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission.


On February 23, 2022, the Town Commission adopted Ordinance 2021-25 establishing zoning entitlements for property being approximately 421 acres as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD allows a number of uses, including single-family detached units, single-family attached units, two-family (duplex) units, multi-family units and neighborhood recreation facilities, and various commercial uses. The commercial uses which are allowed include:

•             Offices

•             Personal services

•             Laundry and dry-cleaning retail stores

•             Day care centers

•             Convenience stores with or without fuel operations, as long as they are                       not located at corner  of Cherry Lake and 466**

•             Adult congregate living facilities/skilled nursing

•             Clubs, lodges, and fraternal organizations

•             Financial services

•             Office supplies

•             Retail sales and services

•             Business services

•             Office complex

•             Medical Offices/clinics

•             Office condominiums

•             Martial arts studios

•             Restaurants

•             Fast food restaurants

•             Banks

•             Commercial recreation facilities

•             Health/exercise clubs

•             Veterinary clinics

•             Religious facilities

•             Hotel

Earlier this year, at the April 17, 2023, Special Conceptual Workshop, Dan Moyer of  CASTO Southeast Realty Services presented a conceptual plan of a Walmart Neighborhood Market, an approximately 61,000 square foot building located on 20.55 acres of commercial property at the northwest corner of the Hammock Oaks development. There was also a Walmart-branded fuel station proposed on the site, along with a small convenience store. Along the front of the development, there were a number of out parcels available. At that time, however, Mr. Moyer did not have elevations to present for the consideration of the Town Commission. In conclusion, Mr. Moyer said that Walmart was designing a custom elevation for the site, and they will bring those elevations back to the Town at a later date.

Mr. Moyer is now ready to present the conceptual plan for Walmart as well as the building elevations. The plan again proposes a 60,724 square-foot Neighborhood Walmart, as well as a fueling station with eight pumps and a small convenience store.

The Walmart building is only permitted to have one sign on its main façade, a variance will be required to add additional signage.

The current number of parking spaces on site is below the code’s requirement.  This is a result of preserving as many trees as possible as well as the impacts of the Duke power line easement.

The removal of historical trees must be reviewed by the Town to determine if the removal is unavoidable. The applicant has kept as many trees as practicable as shown on the submitted conceptual renderings.

A variance will be requested to reduce the number of private loading spaces on site from 7 to 2 (the 2 remaining spaces will be part of the truck well). This is in an attempt to have room to relocate trees to the green area behind the building.  In addition, Walmart doesn’t utilize surface loading, all loading will be from within the truck dock.

In accordance with the Land Development Regulations, Chapter 20, Section 20-3C).3).A)., new buildings should adopt and must closely follow one of the four recommended architectural styles: Frame Vernacular, Craftsman/Bungalow, Mediterranean, or Mission.

The elevations feature exterior building materials and elements that cannot be directly linked to any one particular one of the recommended architectural styles, although some elements from the vernacular style are present. A waiver will be requested from the Commercial Design Standards requirement.  Elevations have been provided.


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