Commission Meeting Minutes

Special Commission Meeting Draft Minutes, June 20, 2022, 4 p.m.

The special meeting of the Lady Lake Town Commission was held in the Commission Chambers at Lady Lake Town Hall, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida with Mayor Rietz presiding. The meeting convened at 4:00 p.m.

A. Call to Order

Mayor Jim Rietz

B. Roll Call

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Holden (Two) YES
Freeman (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES


Wendy Then, Senior Planner and Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk


  1. Conceptual Presentation for the Gloria Austin PUD Property — Proposing to Develop a 150-unit Single Family Residential Build-to-Rent Active Adult Community Subdivision featuring one-bedroom and two-bedroom cottages, on two parcels of land being approximately 19 acres located at the southeast corner of Marion County Road and County Road 25, addressed as 1525 Teague Trail, owned by Grand Oaks Holding, LLC, Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1237530 and 1237807. (Wendy Then)

Senior Planner Then summarized the proposal which is to develop a 150-unit single family residential rental adult community subdivision made up of one and two bedroom cottages on 19 acres of land located at the southeast corner of Marion County Road and CR 25. Entitlements were granted in 2009 and the applicant is seeking to change those entitlements. Ms. Then explained them.

The proposal would require amending the Future Land Use and Rezoning for the two parcels, followed by submittal of Single-Family Residence Subdivision Plat Plans; both being required before the houses could be built.

Kel Bowers – Director of Development, Wasserman Group LLC – Atlanta GA

Mr. Bowers gave a presentation showing the proposed development site plan, different floorplans, features and amenities.  He said it is a one-of-a-kind development with large backyards that are low maintenance and he continued describing the benefits of the proposed development.

Mr. Bowers continued; he said the trip generation analysis using preexisting information would produce 1,501 net external daily trips; 111 would occur during the AM peak hour and 150 would occur in the PM peak hour.  It is expected that this development would generate less traffic than the previously approved PUD. The traffic count based on the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) common trip generation rates for the current PUD (commercial and office) yields a total of 2,619 average daily trips with 1,013 occurring in the morning and 1,505 occurring in the afternoon.

Commissioner Hannan asked about the distance between cottages and Mr. Bowers responded that it is a high-density neighborhood and most properties would be about 15 feet apart

Commissioner Hannan was also concerned about the traffic on County Road 25 and asked if Lake County had been contacted regarding that. Mr. Bowers answered that they had not since this is simply a conceptual plan.

Commissioner Hannan said that the speed limit will decrease because of the added traffic and golf carts may become a problem because residents will want to drive them to The Villages if the speed limit is decreased to 25 mph.

Commissioner Kussard asked if the development is going to be a golf cart community to which Mr. Bowers answered that it is not going to be established as one, but the residents can purchase them. The Commissioner then asked about the distance between houses. Mr. Bowers said there would be at least 10 feet between them but explained that the renderings are conceptual, and they will comply with all Town codes and regulations.

Commission Kussard then asked about the demand for rentals and Mr. Bowers explained that they are popular for people who do not want to commit to home ownership or for those who do not have the funds to purchase a house. The largest units would be between 900-1000 square feet and would cost about $2,000 per month.

There was some confusion about what build-to-rent means, and it was determined that they are simply rental properties that are laid out horizontally; they cannot be customized.

Commissioner Freeman asked about the added traffic and Mr. Bowers repeated the numbers from earlier in the meeting. Commissioner Freeman doubted that information saying that trip generation would be even throughout the day for commercial and business development. He said the bottom line is that there is too much traffic on CR 25 already. He suggested that the developer build fewer houses on larger lots and not make quite as much money; knock down the trips to 1,000 per day.

Mayor Rietz said Mr. Bowers needs to talk to Lake County staff about the traffic on CR 25, the county needs to get on board with making improvements.

Commissioner Holden is also concerned about traffic on CR 25. He does not want the speed limit lowered.

Commissioner Hannan reminded the Commission that there is another development up the street from this proposed development and it is going to generate a lot of traffic once it is completed.

Responding to a question asked by Mayor Rietz, Mr. Bowers said ideally, they would not want the development to be age restricted. If that is the case, they would also need to look into schools and bus pickup.

Commissioner Kussard said that the developer needs to spend more time with staff and with the county before coming back with an amended plan.

Ms. Then said their proposal shows a decrease in the number of trips per day based on the ITE over the prior proposed PUD. Two months ago at a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting, a presentation about a congestion management program was given showing CR 25 as a congested corridor. Town staff will give MPO some information so they can perform a study to analyze what can be done to improve conditions on CR 25.

Ms. Then emphasized that adopted Ordinance 2008-19 allowed for development that would generate more trips on CR 25.

Mayor Freeman asked if the Commission has any choice in this matter. Ms. Then responded that the applicant would have to come back before the Commission for rezoning, so it is at the pleasure of the Commission to decide. She added that if the property is not rezoned as requested in this application, it could easily be built out with plans that would create higher traffic counts; with the current zoning, all a builder would have to do is submit site plans to the town and meet county requirements. The Commission decides on rezoning, small scale future land use map amendments and preliminary and final plat plans.

There was further discussion regarding impacts on traffic, but no new information was learned other than trips are normalizing post Covid.

Sandra Ellison – 1814 SE 180th Street

Ms. Ellison said has spoken before about another development on CR 25 that was approved.  She asked where the utilities would come from and how long will the roads be torn up. The area is already congested, and residents have a hard time exiting onto CR 25. When is all the overbuilding going to stop?

There was consensus among Mayor Rietz, Commissioner Kussard and Commission Freeman to get more information from the applicant regarding age restrictions, traffic, school buses, setbacks, lot sizes, their discussions with Lake County and any other information that would make it easier for the Commission to make a decision. Commissioner Hannan and Commissioner Holden were not interested in moving forward.

2. Conceptual Presentation for the Reserve & Towne Homes at Hammock Oaks — Proposing to Annex, Amend the Future Land Use, and Rezone two parcels being approximately 173 acres and amend the existing Lugano PUD being approximately 158 acres of land, for total of 331 acres to be developed into a Residential Community for Working Families proposing 770 Single Family Residences and 550 Townhome lots, located off of Cherry Lake Road and Highway 466, Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1283523, 1283582, 3493737, 1283612, 2877685, 2879874, 1283311, and 1585031. (Wendy Then)

Senior Planner Wendy Then summarized the application. She said the applicant submitted a request to annex, amend the future land use and rezone two parcels totaling 173 acres.  The applicant is also proposing to amend an existing residential PUD, named Lugano, consisting of 158 acres to develop a residential community off Cherry Lake Road and Highway 466.

The 331-acre community would feature 1,320 units, both single family and townhouses, and would provide housing for working families.

Greg Beliveau – LPG Consultants

Mr. Beliveau stated that this project would be a continuation of Hammock Oaks that was started on 466. The team consists of CHW, Kolter, GeoPoint, LPG and Traffic Mobility.

The property in question involves the annexation of two parcels - Lugano and Odell, comp plan amendments and amending the existing PUD. Road networks and connectivity were addressed. Mr. Beliveau projected a presentation explaining the Reserve & Towne Homes at Hammock Oaks.  The Lugano PUD is within the town limits, but the Odell parcel would need to be annexed. The goal is to put the Lugano PUD, Hammock Oaks PUD and the Odell parcel under one PUD.

The property will be financed and maintained by a Community Development District (CDD) that will include the proposed townhomes.

They will improve Anderson Lane to their access point and will be linked to the school board property. The road linkages were also displayed. The proposal includes a multimodal path where residents can use alternative vehicles to access commercial areas. A traffic circle will be utilized on Cherry Lake Road to calm traffic.

Commissioner Kussard asked if the Lugano and Odell properties would consist of only single-family homes and townhouses? Mr. Beliveau responded in the affirmative adding that they would be part of the CDD. She next asked if there will be a proportionate share allocation and if monies will be added. Mr. Beliveau answered again in the affirmative adding that he did not have a dollar amount.

Eric Morrissette – Kolter

In response to Commissioner Kussard’s question regarding more projects, Mr. Morrissette said they are happy with their current project and no more projects are anticipated.

Commissioner Holden confirmed that entrances to the development will include turn lanes.

John Curtis - Kolter

In response to a question posed by Commissioner Freeman, Mr. Morrissette said the multimodal path will be on Cherry Lake Road’s right-of-way. Conversations are being had with Duke Energy and Seco about utilizing the areas under power lines for trail systems.

Commissioner Freeman asked why this project is good for Lady Lake. Mr. Beliveau said the tax revenues will be high and the town will not incur any maintenance costs.  Commissioner Freeman said he would like to see a comparison of tax revenue to costs incurred by the town. Mr. Beliveau said he will provide a cost-benefit analysis.

Next, Commissioner Freeman asked about CDD’s. Should the town care or does it only matter to the homeowner? A chart comparing CDD’s to HOA’s was discussed.

Jere L. Earlywine – KE Law Group

Mr. Earlywine said that CDD’s are much more accountable entities and they do not receive as many complaints. They are better for towns and residents.

John Curtis

Mr. Curtis said the PUD will have both a CDD and an HOA. The HOA will be involved in code violations and the CDD will be involved in maintaining the roads, rights of way, stormwater runoff and other infrastructure.

The PUD will be using the town for water and sewer, and they will upgrade the utilities as needed for the major influx of homes. They may build a 3rd lift station.

Commissioner Freeman said he is concerned about the traffic adding that drivers will see a major difference in travel time. He asked if they would contribute to Lake County to improve the county roads and Mr. Curtis answered that they are agreeable to that and after a conversation about the Metropolitan Planning Organization, Mr. Curtis agreed to attend a meeting.  Commissioner Freeman said that showing up at their meetings makes a difference.

Commissioner Kussard made a motion to move the conceptual plan forward;  Commissioner Hannan seconded. Motion carried 5-0.





Knox Burns – Cauthen & Burns

Mr. Burns said he represents a client on Anderson Lane. It is his understanding that Anderson Lane is not a recognized road in the county but appears to be a main thoroughfare in the development. He asked if there is a plan to recognize Anderson Lane as a public thoroughfare.

John Curtis - Kolter

Mr. Curtis said the main entrance to the development will be coming off Anderson Lane and it has been discussed to make it a paved road. As the project progresses, the developers will work with the town and the county to ensure there will be an allocated right of way for the portion of road that extends the length of their property.

Eric Morrissette – Kolter

Mr. Morrissette said Anderson Lane is a prescriptive easement, there is no right-of-way, but they are going to give up some land to improve that road.

E. Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:43 p.m.



Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk


Jim Rietz, Mayor