Commission Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Special Commission Meeting, May 16, 2022

The special meeting of the Lady Lake Town Commission was held in the Commission Chambers at Lady Lake Town Hall, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida with Mayor Rietz presiding. The meeting convened at 5:30 p.m.

A. Call to Order

Mayor Jim Rietz

B. Roll Call

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Holden (Two) YES
Freeman (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES


Thad Carroll, Growth Management and Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk

C. New Business

1. Conceptual Presentation Discussion for a Proposal to Remove a 36-inch Live Oak Historic Tree at the Plaza Professional Center located due to causing significant parking lot damage for properties addresses 304-314 La Grande Boulevard, within the Town of Lady Lake, Referenced by Alternate Key 3808678. (Thad Carroll)

Growth Management Director Carroll summarized the proposal to remove a 36-inch live oak tree at the Plaza Professional Center. The tree is in a container that it has outgrown and though it is healthy, the roots have pushed up the concrete and damaged the parking lot. All ideas of mitigation would provide short term solutions since the area is already very tight and traffic must go around the tree.

Commissioner Freeman stated that there are bigger problems than the tree in the parking lot. The parking lot appears to be collapsing in places.

Commissioner Kussard made a motion to approve the removal of the 36-inch Live Oak tree at the Plaza Professional Center; Commissioner Freeman seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

2. Conceptual Presentation for a Proposal to Annex approximately 24.75 acres of land located at the southeast corner of Rolling Acres Road and Sunshower Lane and rezone into a Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) to develop 49 single family residences and 80 townhomes, on properties within Lake County, identified by alternate keys 1283264, 1283329 and 3907338. (Thad Carroll)

Growth Management Director Carroll stated that in April 2022, applicant Halff Associates, Inc., proposed to annex, amend the future land use, and rezone approximately 24.75 acres of land east of Rolling Acres Road. The applicant would now like to proceed with rezoning to Residential Planned Unit Development in order to build 129-unit single family dwellings and to amend the future land use to Single Family Medium Density. The proposal for the subdivision is for 49 single family units and 80 townhomes. A 10-foot landscaping buffer is proposed for Rolling Acres Road along with a six-foot-vinyl fence along the north, south and east boundaries. Also proposed is 29.10 percent (6.75 acres) of open space resulting in a density of 5.21 dwelling units per acre.

The proposal requires annexing, amending the future land use, and rezoning three parcels, after which, plat plans will be submitted for the subdivision prior to houses being built. They will be tying into Lady Lake’s central utility. All mitigation regarding traffic impact will go through Lake County. Contribution toward extending right-of-way east and west is anticipated.

The townhomes make this a different product which developers have said is needed in this area.

Commissioner Hannan asked about the green space and Mr. Carroll pointed it out on the map.

Commissioner Holden said the recreation area looks like it is 3-feet wide by 150 feet long. The recreation area should be together not spread out in pieces. Mr. Carroll said they meet the 25% open space requirement, but it is possible that the open areas could be reorganized.

Commissioner Kussard asked if the Commission would be more inclined to move forward if more green space is provided. Commissioner Hannan wanted to see another plan that includes more open areas.

Commissioner Freeman met with the applicant’s representative, Jason Lee, and told him he thought the development was too tight. Mr. Lee said they are trying to provide affordable housing to which the Commissioner responded that $300,000 does not sound like affordable housing.

Mayor Rietz commented that it looks like every tree is gone and parking is only on the east end of the property.

Jason Lee – D&D Land Company

Mr. Lee handed out a drawing of the property. He pointed out some green space on the bigger map that showed the buffer area and he pointed out on the map areas of green space that totals 29.1%. He said that anywhere they can keep trees, they are going to keep them. Currently the property is a pine tree plantation so they will be harvested. They will be improving from Rolling Acres to the entrance of development.

Commissioner Kussard said that at the bottom of Mr. Lee’s map it looks like a large open space; he confirmed that it is open space that is part of the 29.1%.

Commissioner Holden asked what the distance is from the highway to the houses. Mr. Lee didn’t know but he said they have given up right-of-way to provide a buffer area around the entire project and to allow expansion of Rolling Acres. Commissioner Holden commented that once Rolling Acres is expanded, the right-of-way will not be very big.

The Commission, while referring to the map, asked more questions regarding roadways and green spaces that Mr. Lee answered adding that he would like input so changes can be made.

Commissioner Kussard made a motion to advance the proposal according to recommendations made by the Town Commission; Commissioner Hannan seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

D. Public Comments

There were no comments.

E. Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:54 p.m.

s/ Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk

s/ Jim Rietz, Mayor