Commission Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the February 22, 2023 Special Commission Meeting

The special meeting of the Lady Lake Town Commission was held in the Commission Chambers at Lady Lake Town Hall, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida with Mayor Rietz presiding. The meeting convened at 5:15 p.m.

Call to Order

Mayor Jim Rietz

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Gourlie (Two) YES
Freeman (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES


William Lawrence, Town Manager; Thad Carroll, Growth Management Director; Rebecca Higgins, Development Coordinator; C.T. Eagle, Public Works Director; Mike Burske, Parks & Recreation Director; Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk


1.Conceptual Discussion of the Hammock Oaks Multi-Family development, to be developed by Edward Rose & Sons, proposing 312 units across 11 buildings, consisting of 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms with amenities, located on approximately 23 acres lying south of Highway 466 and a half-mile east of Cherry Lake Road.

Growth Management Director Carroll stated that the applicant requested to be added to the Special Conceptual Workshop agenda to discuss a proposal regarding a vacant parcel, approximately 23 acres, located south of Highway 466 and a half-mile east of Cherry Lake Road. The developer, Edward Rose and Sons, met with Town Staff in October of 2022 and is now ready to present a conceptual plan.

The applicant is proposing a multi-family project featuring the following:

  • 10 Resident Buildings - Four 24-unit buildings and Six 36-unit buildings, with a total of 312 units. Each unit would consist of one- and two-bedroom units.
  • 10 Garage Buildings, each with seven stalls
  • One Maintenance Building
  • 644 parking spaces (70 covered)
  • Clubhouse
  • Site Amenities include a swimming pool, sundeck, fire pit, BBQ area, dog spa and park, amazon hub, fitness center, EV charging stations, clubhouse with business center, pedestrian pathways and a car care center, bike racks and central trash compactor.

As part of PUD, the builder is entitled to develop the apartments, but they need approval of the conceptual design.

Commissioner Hannan asked about the car care center.

Mark Perkoski - Edward Rose

Mr. Perkoski said it is simply a car washing area. No repairs will be permitted.

Commissioner Gourlie asked if the roundabout is coming off Cherry Lake to which the response was that it is coming off Cherry Lake Road and it is on private property. It is being put in by Kolter Land and is part of their bigger development.

John Curtis – Kolter Representative for Hammock Oaks

Mr. Curtis said that the roundabout is internal and will be maintained by the Community Development District (CDD). There is a large tree that is being preserved by having a roundabout.

Commissioner Freeman asked for verification that zoning supports the development. It does.

Mr. Curtis added that the county has nothing to say about the roundabout since it is on private property. They are only looking at road connections on Rolling Acres Road and Cherry Lake Road.

It was also stated that the buildings will not have elevators.

Commissioner Hannan asked for verification that the developer is following the Land Development Regulations on styles. They are.

Commissioner Kussard stated that she met with representatives of the Rose family. She does not like apartments, but she was impressed with what she learned during their meeting. They are building luxury apartments and the company consistently maintains high standards. They are self-funded, so they do not have to be concerned with market volatility.

When asked about the market rate, Mr. Perkoski responded that the rates will fall between $1,400 - $1,800 per month. They are not subsidized by HUD and are targeting the mostly young professional market.

The Town Commission consented 5-0 to approve the conceptual design for the Hammock Oaks Multi-Family development.

2. Conceptual Discussion of the Authentix Lady Lake Multi-Family development, on approximately 26 acres located on US 441 between Clay Ave and Teague Trail/CR 25, lying north of Oak Street, proposing 312 units across 11 buildings, consisting of a mix of studio to 3-bedrooms units with amenities.

Growth Management Director Carroll stated that applicant Pa Phouala Vang asked to be added to the Special Conceptual Workshop Agenda to discuss a proposal regarding a vacant parcel, approximately 26.88 acres, located north of Oak Street and West of North Highway 27/441. The zoning is heavy commercial.

The applicant is proposing a multi-family project featuring the following:

  • 11 Resident Buildings (Seven 2-story buildings with a height of 35’ and Four 3-story buildings with a height of 45’) with a total of 312 units – 32 studio units, 124 one-bedroom units, 124 two-bedroom units and 32 three-bedroom units.
  • Four Garage Buildings, Each with Six Bays
  • One Grounds Maintenance Building
  • 623 parking spaces (25 covered)
  • 2,802 sq ft Clubhouse
  • Site Amenities include: swimming pool, fitness center, 3670 sq ft pet playground, eleven enclosed yards, eight storage lockers, parcel pick-up, grilling areas, mail kiosks, and a trash enclosure

Stormwater will be located at the southern end of the property and to the north, the expectation is that there will be retail outparcels.

Pa Phouala Vang – Continental Properties

Ms. Vang gave some background information about Continental Properties and explained their plan for the parcel. She showed elevations and explained components of frame vernacular that they will be using. The units will have outdoor porches and she showed potential color palettes.

Responding to the Commissioners questions, Ms. Vang stated that the units are rental apartments and not condos, that the buildings will not be age restricted and that the rent charged will be market rate.

Commissioner Kussard felt that information about the proposed development was lacking. Growth Management Director Carroll stated that the parcel already has zoning in place and that the applicant just wants a green light to move forward. They are not required to meet all requirements now, but they do meet the elevation requirements. At this stage, what was presented is appropriate. This site is not as complex as Hammock Oaks.

Commissioner Gourlie asked Mr. Carroll if he is satisfied with the plan so far. Mr. Carroll responded that he is satisfied and at this stage he would suggest consensus to move forward. If the applicant waivers from what they have presented at this meeting, the Commission can deny the project. He said the next step in the process will be to present a more formal product.

Commissioner Freeman asked what “stormwater pond by others” means. Mr. Carroll replied that all the parcels including the outparcels, are being considered while designing the entire site to accommodate development collectively. A different consultant is performing the grading and stormwater area but is taking all parcels into consideration while developing in different phases. Stormwater requirements will be determined throughout the development process.

Commissioner Freeman then asked if the development has any bearing on the completion of Clay Avenue. Mr. Carroll said the completion of Clay Avenue is being proposed as part of the development of the parcel. The proposal is designed to extend Fennell Blvd so it will connect to Clay Avenue; it would be a parallel route that would end up at Highway 466. More traffic will end up on Clay Avenue but less traffic on 441. This will all be worked out when the traffic studies are performed and during the site application process.

Mayor Rietz asked about the outparcels. Mr. Carroll replied that there will be three outparcels and he indicated where they are located on the map. The Mayor asked if Highway 25 will go straight across Highway 441 into the new complex. Mr. Carroll replied that he is not yet sure how all the roads will align but there will not be a through connection from Highway 25 which will terminate after entering the new development.

The Town Commission consented 5-0 to approve the proposal for the Authentix Lady Lake Multi-Family development.

Public Comment



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:46 p.m..

Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk

Jim Rietz, Mayor